Expert Speaker at ZomatoCon | Who Me?

When I was asked to speak as an expert blogger at the first ever Blogger's Conference that happened at Zomato, many questions came into my mind: "Am I an expert? What do I have to speak about? I still have so much to learn! There are so many other bloggers who do a great job! I am not yet there!" Little did I know that there were a lot of people out there who wanted to hear me speak. I never realized this - having made Creativity with Kay - A brand with a voice more than a face, I never thought that there were people out there who wanted to hear my story.

As days came closer to the Conference date, I started trying to talk around with many of the bloggers in the country. I was surprised when people told me - " You are the reason we signed up for the conference.We want to know your story." To those people who told me these words, and have always supported my journey without knowing who I was - Thank You. Thank You. And, Thank You!

I was very nervous as days got closer to the Conference. I had sleepless nights! I hadn't spoken in public or on stage for four years. The last time I did it was at my graduation in 2013, and it wasn't even my life story. I was no expert in the field. It was a presentation I did as a student.

Finally, the D-Day happened. I couldn't focus on anything that was happening - I hadn't gotten a chance to rehearse. All I did was walk on stage to estimate the height of it, and that was all.

I kept waiting for it to be my turn. Finally, my turn came, and I went up on stage, and spoke. I spoke of things I hadn't planned. I stumbled with words a few times. I was nervous to the very last word. At least, I didn't trip on stage. My speech was done!

And, I walked down. The reaction I got to see on Social Media was nothing like I ever expected. I got a lot of messages from not only fellow bloggers, but, also from a lot of people who had been following my blog from a long time. They told me I was an inspiration for them. Someone who never showed her face on Social Media, and still being able to stand up on stage, and speak as an expert inspired them. I never imagined that I would really hear these words. But, I did hear them. This has to be the milestone for my blogging career this year.

And, because a lot of people look up to me for inspiration - bloggers, and non-bloggers alike, I will always work hard, and work better each day, and never give up. For all the moments, I never gave up, and went through hard times, they were all worth it. For I would never get here without having gone through them all.

No journey to the top is easy. The top spots are not reserved for anyone. You can pave your way to the top.

And, a message that I had on my speech - I would once again love to give it out here to you all - Never let anyone tell you what you are capable of. You know your strengths, and you know your weaknesses better than anyone else. Work with integrity, and honesty, and work hard. You will definitely eventually end up where you ought to be.

A sneak peak into some of the posts that totally touched me, and reactions from the conference:

Every Rose has its Thorns . . The highlight of yesterday's #ZomatoCon for me was @creativitywithkay 's speech!! Apart from all other constructive inputs of her journey as a blogger, one major point she reiterated was to be a kind person!!! You can either choose to be MEAN or be KIND. I choose kindness!!! And I wish there were more people like this lovely lady in this world 💕💕 . . #ZomatoCon #inspiration #speech #speeches #inspirepeople #bekind #killemwithkindness #behappy #beyourownboss #blogger #bloggerswhoinspire #blogging #blogginglife #bloggergirl #likeforlike #l4l #likesforlikes #whathastocomewillcome #bloggerconference #conference #kuwaitblogger #bahrainbloggers #uaebloggers #middleeast #middleeastern #aboutlastnight #constructive #motivation #motivationalspeech #oneshotlatte

A photo posted by Kate | One Shot Latte (@oneshotlatte) on Nov 13, 2016 at 11:50am PST

Again with beautiful Khansa 💞 I read her words many times although its simple words but have a deep meaning❤ Mamy people in our quick ,hard life style forget these kind meaning of life ... Thank you khansa your words touch my heart❤ Image credit to beutiful lovely @gzalvogue Thank you for amazing coverage for zomato conference yesterday in grand hayat hotel🌹 @creativitywithkay #samar_choice #samarchoice #samarchoiceqatar #ZomatoCon #qatarbloggers #dohabloggers #instaqatar #instadoha #kindness #قطر #دوحه #زوماتو

A photo posted by Samar Badr 💖💖 سمر بدر (@samar_choice) on Nov 13, 2016 at 1:55am PST

Thinking about these beautiful words by : Khansa @creativitywithkay in the zomato blogging conference today at grand @grandhyattdoha is the most insipiring sensitive polite &highly educated blogger ❤ Im so proud of you dear . Image credit : @danicaduco Thank you😊 @zomatoqa @creativitywithkay #samar_choice #samarchoice #samarchoiceqatar #ZomatoCon #qatarbloggers #dohabloggers #instaqatar #instadoha #foodbloggers #skills #hope #idea #bloggers #قطر #دوحه #زوماتو #بلوجرز

A photo posted by Samar Badr 💖💖 سمر بدر (@samar_choice) on Nov 12, 2016 at 11:30am PST

Woah! She literally put what my heart felt into words. Thank you @creativitywithkay for the inspirational talk. 💕 #ZomatoCon @zomatoqa

A photo posted by DANI CADUCO 🇵🇭 🇶🇦 (@danicaduco) on Nov 12, 2016 at 7:26am PST

Amazing speech by the talented @creativitywithkay ... •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #zomatocon #bloggerqatar #qatar #qatarevent #lifeofablogger #bloggerslife

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We were inspired by all of you! You are most welcome @creativitywithk #ZomatoConHangover

— ZEKE TUNAY (@bestlifeqatar) November 14, 2016

Greatest tips for blogges - not just for newbies, even for experienced ones. Great job @creativitywithk!

— Lou-Ann Yao Sabino (@louannsab) November 13, 2016

Greatest tips for blogges - not just for newbies, even for experienced ones. Great job @creativitywithk!

— Lou-Ann Yao Sabino (@louannsab) November 13, 2016

Your talk at the #ZomatoCon was so inspiring @creativitywithk. Thank you for sharing your personal story with all of us! @ZomatoQA

— Plateful (@nashplateful) November 12, 2016

One of the most successful bloggers in #Qatar @creativitywithk takes the stage at #ZomatoCon to talk about her road to success.

— BQ Plus (@BQPlus_Doha) November 12, 2016

Woah! She literally put what my heart felt into words. Thank you @creativitywithk for the inspirational talk. 💕 #ZomatoCon @ZomatoQA

— DANI DARYL (@danicaduco) November 12, 2016

Work hard and don't be afraid to ask for help... Great blogging insight and inspiration from @creativitywithk @GrandHyattDoha #ZomatoCon

— Lemon and Mint (@lemonmintblog) November 12, 2016

✔️Be kind ✔️be patient ✔️work hard ✔️do your research - wise words from @creativitywithk at #ZomatoCon in #doha - you smashed it Khansa 😘

— Kathryn Edwards (@dohadinners) November 12, 2016


— Polly Byles ☀️ (@PolBag) November 12, 2016

Relevant to the whole world right now "Find the things you have in common with people, not what sets you apart" -@creativitywithk #ZomatoCon

— Kate AG (@RadioKate) November 12, 2016

Spot on - @creativitywithk #ZomatoCon

— Shahira (@iihahs) November 12, 2016

That's @creativitywithk sharing her blogging secrets with us at #ZomatoCon @ZomatoQA @GrandHyattDoha #blogging

— Qatar Survival Guide (@Qsurvivalguide) November 12, 2016

"You are your own competition, try to be better than who you were yesterday" @creativitywithk #ZomatoCon

— Polly Byles ☀️ (@PolBag) November 12, 2016

@creativitywithk "When it comes to blogging it's not always about standing out. I wanna belong. I don't wanna be alone" #ZomatoCon

— Nabil Al Nashar (@NabilNashar) November 12, 2016

One of my faves @creativitywithk is currently smashing it onstage 💛 #ZomatoCon

— Polly Byles ☀️ (@PolBag) November 12, 2016


This is just a glimpse of all the overwhelming messages that I got to see after the Conference. Thank you everyone. Thank you Zomato. Thank you for any of you who is reading this post. I wouldn't be here without you!