Why I love SIMO | Designer Picks for EID

Eid is almost here and that means gifts, and pretty dresses. And I would definitely recommend SIMO either for yourself or as a gift.

Now here’s why I would pick SIMO

  •  The designer behind SIMO is an entrepreneur and I love supporting entrepreneurs who use their talents to create something unique and different. It is inspirational!

  • SIMO designs make you feel special! Why? Because most of the pieces are unique and only has one owner, that being you. You can wear it around and show it off and it is not easy to find a similar piece because most of SIMO’s design comes in just one piece!

  • Just one arm candy is all you need when you have SIMO because it takes up the place of everything else and is so unique.

Are you looking for an EID GIFT that is truly different? Why don’t you go for SIMO! I hear she has an Eid Collection in the Making!