Triangulation Art By Elias Madan

Elias Madan is an aspiring artist whose works I found interesting and stumbled across on instagram. Have a read of what influences him and how he does his work in the short interview below. To see more of his work, visit

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Daft Punk

How did you end up illustrating?

As a graphic design student illustration was an important aspect to add to my set of skills furthermore I realized I had to brush up my illustrative skills in many techniques like proportion, shading and perspective. So I gave myself a goal to improve in a short amount of time while creating unique illustrations that identifies me with a unique style.

How would you best describe your style of illustration?

My work is a mixture of ink and geometry using triangles called triangulation, Used to create portraits of popular characters from nowadays popular culture in TV shows, comics and movies etc. To bring out the details of my work I use a shading style called hatching blended with the right amount of quantity.

What tools do you use for your work?


My tools are fairly simple Ink pens ranging from different thickness and paper.

When creating each work, do you sometimes get short of ideas? If so how do you overcome that?

I do struggle at times to represent a new technique using the same style, to overcome this I basically sketch out and brainstorm a list of ideas until I’m satisfied.

What would be your ultimate goal as an artist?

My ultimate goal would be to showcase my work in numerous art galleries and to start an apparel line with my illustrations, basically creating walking human galleries around the world with my fans!

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

Experiment and keep experimenting until it leads you to a unique style that identifies you.

What motivates you?

All the talent and art that’s around me elevates me to betterment day by day and the comments of encouragement from fans around the world gives me the acknowledgment that I’m going in the right direction.

What has been your biggest hardship as an artist? How did you overcome it?

My biggest hardship was getting my work noticed as it’s a world saturated with millions of artists. Instagram and other social media sites have helped me a lot in exposure and continue day by day.