Third Degree by James Patterson| Finally Some Reading Done!

Reading is something I really enjoy doing and wish I had more time for. Anyways, two days back I decided to give everything else blogging a break and give my mind it's much needed spa time by reading a book. I ended up finishing the book in a matter of 3 hours. That's all I needed to finally finish reading a book and you have no idea how accomplished that made me feel. Third degree by James Patterson is my third book from the same author. I remember reading his book almost 8 years ago for the first time and always wanted the chance to read more of his books but never got the chance to do so until now. Third degree is a wonderful thriller read with heart-wrenching and heart-warming moments equally present alongside the homicide case which the main detective Lindsay does a wonderful job of solving. Love how her woman instincts play a major role in the series all the time. Have you read this book or a similar one? What else would you suggest? Let me know in comments.