That Book You Must Read | Watersmeet by Rachel Cotterill

I used to read a lot of books until almost third year of University, after which things became hectic for me. Been few years now, and this January I came across Shopaholic & Baby which got me into the reading wagon and here I am ready to review yet another interesting read - Rachel Cotterill's Watersmeet. For those who love a little bit of contemporary settings that includes forts and baronies, this is an enjoyable and fictious must-read. The personas in the book were my favorite part. Cherish the character's personality to the heart very much - The Lord of Watersmeet and the apprentice who joins him. Realization of the beauty of a person's soul at close-hand makes the story all the more a must-read. Rumors that always tend to begin when someone tries to work hard, and be sharing which is very much relatable to today's world have been captured very well in the story. If you want something light, and can keep you on your toes till the very end, then Watersmeet is a must-read on your chat list. Have you read Watersmeet yet? If not you can get your copy here

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