Talent Discovery | Artist Ayesha

There are a lot of talented individual around us. Each person has a talent - some acquired right from birth inherently, some God- Gifted, and some self developed. But, in the end talent is beautiful, deserves appreciation, and makes the world more beautiful. Inspiration has always been one of our mottos from the very start and everything we do somehow revolves around it. Today i discovered the work of a great artist and want to know what you guys think about it.

Ayesha Abdulkarim is an artist who does amazing work , and you will be seeing more of her work now and am sure it will leave you stunned. She majored in Graphic Design and now works as an art teacher which is her passion. Everything around her life inspires her - memories, daily objects or her environment. She makes time to visit Museums and Art Galleries to further enhance her skills. Whenever, she gets the chance to attend classes and better her skills, she makes use of the chances.


  Art can be developed with interest, art can be learned, discovered and nurtured with proper exposure!