Stride in Style | Tamashee

Tamashee evolves traditional Arabian footwear to a fashionable product that appeals to you. The Tamashee team creates  footwear  that revolves around design and quality. They travelled the world to collaborate with the finest designers, pattern drafters and manufacturers of Europe and the Middle East. Through this colourful collaboration, the Tamashee brand came to life. The Tamashee designs are so unique and so Arabic - a rarity these days inspite of the designer buzz in the Middle East these days.  Footwear designs that embrace the Arabic tradition and designs in a very trendy and classy manner is yet to be seen - that's exactly why Tamashee caught my eyes. Here's what inspired them to start this wonderful journey:

Kay: Thank you for taking the time to do the interview with us. At what point did you figure out “We want to design footwear?”

Tamashee: Firstly, what is important to note is how we decided to get into footwear. Initially, we sat down as a team and listed three social causes that are dear to us. These were: Preserving identity, representing culture and colouring lives. Preserving identity: All Tamashee co-founders have studied and worked abroad and we felt the need to do something to preserve our identity. Representing culture: It was important for us to show how amazing ‘Khaleeji’ fashion and culture can be. Colouring lives: We wanted a social arm to whatever we do. Once we put these three causes down, we thought that the best way to combine them was through fashion. We particularly thought that the traditional Arabian Gulf sandal is the best route for us given its fashionable appeal.

Men - Plain Canvas

Men - Plain Canvas

 Kay: What are your criteria for well-constructed and well-designed shoes?

Tamashee: We designed the Tamashee sandals to be classy, comfortable, vibrant and fashionable. We wanted to create a wonderful piece of footwear that can resonate throughout the world and help us achieve our three social causes.

Kay:  Do you have a footwear motto?

Tamashee: Not a motto, but we believe is important to make a statement through footwear but it does not have to be just a fashion statement. It is important that footwear be expressive of important social causes as well.

Kay: How did you come up with the name 'Tamashee"? And also, how do you name each pair?

Tamashee: The Tamashee team has modernized a traditional sandal to make it compatible with today’s world, compatible with all dress types and simultaneously supporting a social cause that encourages compatibility. That’s why we chose the word Tamashee, inspired by the Arabic words for walking and compatibility. Naming of Tamashee sandals pertains to the theme of collection. Our Pre-SS14 collection is inspired by the theme of art. Therefore the sandal names are actually art terms, for example: Composition, Hue, Abstract, Pigment, etc…

Women - PerspectiveII

Women - PerspectiveII

Kay:  If someone is interested in ordering one of your pieces from Tamashee, what advice can you give them about selecting style and colour?

Tamashee: Thankfully our product has appealed to customers from a variety of regions (e.g. Europe, Western Africa, South East Asia, USA, Levant region) in addition to the GCC. It has appealed to people across different age groups and clothing styles.  So to be honest this is a difficult question since our customer base is diverse.

Kay: What projects do you have planned for the future?

Tamashee: We’d like to keep it as a surprise :) We have some interesting ideas in planning.

Kay: Thank you for giving me the chance to do this wonderful in-depth interview. Tamashee have now launched their online store. IF you would like to own one of their collections hope on here!