Song Saa Private Islands, Cambodia

As winter starts to seep in to the Middle east and its neighbors, the Song Saa private islands in the flawless Koh Rong Archipelago in Cambodia is an exquisite get-away.

Having created keeping sustainability of the environment in mind, it still manages to provide luxury through beautiful views of water, jungle and ocean. Whether you are looking out for adventure, meditation, shopping, this resort has it all. It is the one resort that can take you away from reality though dramatic sunsets, seascapes and starry nights just by a short stroll through its walkway.

Appearing in the Vogue’s list of hundred best holidays, they went on to describe it as the staggeringly beautiful Song Saa. Leading the way in sustainable luxury, Song Saa is such a place where the guests feel an almost instant and overwhelming sense of belonging and peace.

Having a temperate climate at this time of the year, the resort is a perfect place to wrap up the year 2013 with beautiful memories.


Magnificent sunsets


cozy decor



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