Skin Care | Aloe Vera and Honey Hydra 5 Gel Review

This fabulous product was delivered to my doorstep for a review, and I was in love seeing the packaging itself. I really love all those attention to details which are put into packaging a product. Herbline Essentials have done a great job with that :) Aloe Vera & Honey Hydra % Gel is a great moisturizer for oily/problem prone skin as its very non-greasy. Its great in the fact that it has kind of a slight cooling effect when you apply to the face. I received this for review before I travelled, and decided to carry it along in my travel skincare kit. I have experienced many moisturizers tend to leave you feeling sticky when you are in a humid environment. This one was exceptional. It felt so light on the skin, and it never felt like there was an extra coating over my skin. I normally tend to apply it after shower as that's when I normally exfoliate my skin , and then the skin is fresh after taking in all the moisture.  It also can be used on skin after waxing/shaving as said on the product recommendation note.



Really fell in love with this one, and is a must-have product on my skin care list.

To me skin care is most important. All those chemicals that you apply for beauty, and the severe heat around the Middle East can cause a lot of damage to your skin, and cause it to age. Finding the right products and giving it the right care is something I advice all my friends- time and time again!

Until next time,