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The best friends Chiara and Massimo from Verbania, a city of north Italy fell in love after five years of friendship. She was a lawyer but a fashionaholic, He was an engineer.

The long relationship had some stops but when the love is true and pure nothing really matters.

The couple got married twice. The official wedding was held in September 2013 in there hometown on Isola Pescatori Island Verbania with family and few close friends with retro vintage theme while the big celebration was in May 2014 where they said there vows again with a shabby theme. (sounds cool) The dresscode was something with the flowers for ladies while the gents were asked to be dressed wit papillon. The celebration was full of fun activities

The very happy bride Chaira says:

I wasn't a stressed bride at all. I was very calm and enjoyed each and every moment. A dream was becoming true! I will always remember my father's efforts to make my big days perfect and very special and how my mother and sister helped me with everything even with the tiny details. . Everything came together just perfectly. We are so lucky to have such supporting families.

And now the couple  are living happily here in Qatar