Share Your Wedding Story Featuring Amanda + Clint

Planning a unique wedding within a budget is quite essential and a sign of prosperity for a future together. Here’s how Amanda planned her wedding. It was elegant, beautiful & affordable – something rare to find these days.

Amanda & Clint give us a glimpse of their perfect day!


I wanted an outdoor vintage inspired wedding. I always dreamed of being surrounded by the beauty of nature for my wedding. So finding the right venue was key! I wanted a venue that was so beautiful that most of the decoration would already be taken care of. And then I found Sundara!! Sundara is an apple orchard with a remodeled house built in the 1800s so the vintage feel was taken care of. It’s surrounded by mountains and beautiful huge trees. When I saw it I knew it was perfect for my wedding! They had a lovely tent lined with lights that would provide a perfect reception place and it was right next to the ceremony site which made it all the more better!


I wanted a very detailed wedding – Everything ended to fit down to the table numbers and seating chart. Lucky for me I married an artist so he was able to help me save money in a lot of ways! How did I start planning? My greatest help was Google. I searched for key words on Google images and saved all the photos I liked and then figured out how I could accomplish what I wanted in an affordable manner. For example I wanted a ribbon banner but couldn’t find one for less than $60 dollars so I went to a fabric store and bought tons of ribbon that were on sale and made one by my self for barely $30! My wedding was very vintage inspired. I used old French postcards and had my husband write the table numbers on them, I used an old window from habitat from humanity to write all the guests names on so they could find their seats. I hung pretty bottles with ribbon from the trees filled with baby’s breath (which is super cheap but very pretty). I had a table memory dedicated to passed loved ones, including my mother so this was very important to me. I have shared all of  these details  in picture if you would love to see them , watch the video! A picture is worth a thousand words!


When it came to choosing the wedding dress I began searching the moment I knew I was getting engaged! It was very important to me to not feel rushed in making this decision! I started my search online. One thing I knew from other friends getting married that I didn’t want anything David’s Bridal had to offer.

Number one: I didn’t want a dress that a thousand others girls had worn.

Number two: All of the fabrics looked cheap to me and wasnt what I really wanted. I wanted a very soft, flowery, and bohemian/vintage look.

All I did was search based on the key words and on Etsy I discovered Grace Loves Lace. I immediately fell in love with their dresses. Theirs designs were perfect and I read countless testimonies from all over the world that their dresses were of great quality. They were located in Australia so the dress would be customized upon order. Many girls thought I was crazy for buying a wedding dress that I couldn’t try on! However, it turned out to be my favorite decision and  had a much lower price point then dresses I had seen that were no where near the same quality. My dress was extremely light and flowing so I could move and be comfortable. I had seen so many brides looking miserable during their own wedding because their dress were too tight and I did not want that! I was sure I could be a beautiful bride and comfortable at the same time. That is exactly why I chose pretty ballet styled flats as well. I am still in love with my dress completely and keep finding reasons to put it back on!

Advice for Brides-To-Be

  • I would encourage every bride to truly not sweat over the small things! You only get to be a bride once!

  • Things might go wrong, but at the end of the day you are married to the love of your life and that’s what matters!

  • It’s about celebrating your love and the details will fall into place. We  planned our  wedding for almost a year and I thought nthat everything would be take care of! However, despite all my handwork and planning small things did not go as planned! That is just life. Don’t let it distract you from the moment because you blink and the day is over. At the end of it all I was so ready to Mrs.Keffer I almost ran down the isle! I could think about the small things I wish could have gone differently but it was our wedding so it was perfect.

  • A beautiful day filled with love, friends, and family all coming together and it’s an amazing moment to be cherished for a lifetime.

  • Don’t let the opinions of others take away your joy!

  • Everyone will have something to say about how you are going about your wedding but just politely listen and take what you want and leave what you don’t!

  • When it’s their wedding they get to call the shots but this day belongs to you and your love and it’s impossible to make everyone happy.