Road Trips & Love

Road Trips are surely an experience of a lifetime. Often, I dream of honeymoons that start with a road trip , going through the perils of whatever hardship comes our way because that is what it is all about. And handling hardships together, brings you closer to the soul of another person more than a luxurious getaway to a 5 star or 7 star resort. Or that is what I believe. Well, you can always treat yourself to a luxurious destination spot in the end so it makes the whole hard road trip even more worthwhile. Recently, I had gone for a road trip with my family and this is not my first one but I have always wanted to pen it down in here some day or the other. And since Valentine's just passed last day although I don't believe in it anyway, I just guessed this would be the perfect time for me to give you an idea for what you guys could do for your next vacation.

And if you have been to a road trip and think the same, let me know or even if you don't I am always willing to hear you out and have a pleasant read.


Until Next Time,