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As I sit here drained out off my energy, I go back to think of what my getaway in the Ritz Carlton was like.


As a blogger sometimes a staycation can be a little more tiring. So this time while at the Ritz, I made sure all I would do was relax and unwind. And, that’s what I did.


We checked in on Friday  with the Farmer's brunch. The food is so fresh there and there were two things that kept pulling me back to keep trying more and more of it - the beetroot hummus and the avocado bar.


The weather was really nice that Friday  that I really didn’t mind going out to see the animals outside. I am not an Alfresco person at all. Heat isn’t my friend. Nor is a lot of sunshine like in the tropics. I am more that winter girl I believe.

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We checked into the room before brunch, but left all explorations of the suite to after brunch.

Spent the entire day in the room except for a quick run we made to a mall to get some necessities but we were quick enough to return.


We tried the hors d'oeuvres -one of the culinary offerings at the club lounge before we left. As we were too full from the brunch, we didn’t eat a lot. We just wanted to get the experience of dining in the club lounge.

The menu is limited but the selection is great just the way I like a buffet to be. There’s bright light and it’s more quiet and the ambience is best described as a balance between classy and royal.

There was a chocolate hour after but we just decided we didn’t have any more space. Cross the hour of all the culinary offerings, our stomachs grumbled. So we settled for in-room dining. Absolutely fab offerings and delicious food.


Next morning we weren’t up for breakfast at all. Forced myself up to attend the culinary academy at the Ritz and it was a great experience. Made some new friends, learnt to cook some delicious food, and it didn’t seem very hard at all - to cook, to present, and of course to eat them.

Highly recommend you to try this session and I am sure you will really get into cooking.


Too full for lunch at the club lounge, settled to go in for afternoon tea at the club lounge. The club lounge is perfect for meetings, for work, for relaxation. I love the decor, the little tables, the gold accents, the marble kitchen.


It is a beauty to the eyes and a treat to the senses.

We booked in to go for the spa treatment in the evening. The newly reimagined spa at the Ritz Carlton leaves me short of words. Being there and feeling the concept on your own is what Is have to say to anyone reading this post. Wardrobes from fairytales and the massage treatment was exactly what I needed to relax.


Not all sounds like a fairy tale in a staycation. Mishaps and miscommunications tend to happen and they come my way too. Often a good memory and great hospitality covers them up for me.

I found my appointment missing even though I had booked earlier. I was easily able to re-schedule it and have my treatment, and then the treatment was great.

They have a separate gym with great facilities which I really want to highlight for someone like me.

Went into the club lounge right after to try their dessert offerings and chocolates.


Hungry still, we settled in for room service once again. Loved the freshness and the absolutely delicious food served.

And before we knew it was our last day at the hotel!

Went in for breakfast to the club lounge- absolutely savored every moment there. Was a great office space to get my work done, didn’t absolutely feel like I was working whilst there.

When I got back to the room,the lovely team at the club lounge had left me a pleasant surprise.

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I spent the rest of the day reminiscing every corner of my room - from the view of the marina to the city full of life. Definitely, a memory of a lifetime!


Until next time, that is all from my side. And, this view right here keeps taunting me as I pen down my thoughts to share with you all!

Before I wind up the post, I would like to give a shout out to the Club Lounge team for all the little touches and surprises they put up during my stay!

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Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with The Ritz Carlton Doha. However, all views and pictures are my own.