Recipe | Roast Sea Scallops, Caramelized Salsify, Roast Grapes and Ver Jus

Orange County in collaboration with the US Embassy had rranged many experiences for Qatar residents and one of them included bringing Chef Andy to Doha. Known around the world as "The OC," Orange County, California envelops you in the ultimate Southern California lifestyle…casual sophistication, pristine beaches, legendary theme parks and endless options for fun in the sun or cultural exploration. With sun-soaked days and star-filled nights, here you'll be immersed in the real California dream. This recipe has been put together by Chef Andy Arndt from the Marriott Newport Beach Hotel, California. He was here in Qatar as part of Discover America week at MArriott Marquis Doha. Focusing on Halal food, and aiming to promote that kind of lifestyle I specifically requested the chef for a recipe to suit my lifestyle, and he was kind enough in putting a recipe together which I am happy to share with y'all.


1 lemon

1c whole milk

4 ounces scallops

1 pound salsify

1 pound black grapes (seedless)

½ pound butter

1 handful dill

Salt and pepper

3 shallots

2 tbsp balsamic vinegar


Cooking method:

Peel ½ pound salsify and place in milk, add salt and pepper and simmer until soft.

Peel in ¼ of remaining salsify into strips and place in lemon water.

Take final ¼ salsify and cut in 2-inch pieces (batons) and roast them in olive oil and salt and pepper until firm.

Remove the salsify from the lemon water and fry until golden brown in 160C. Remove then season with salt and pepper.

Take ¾ pound of grapes and shallots and asaute until grapes are mashed, Add vinegar and reduce until it is syrup consistency. Whisk in the cold butter and strain out. Season to taste and reserve.

Take the remaining 1/4 pound of grapes and roast in high heat pan. Add salt and pepper and drizzle balsamic vinegar until skin roasts.

In pan, add salt and pepper to scallops and sear on high heat on one side until it is golden brown.

Give it a try, and let me know if you liked it or not! Have you had or made something similar before? Share your recipes with me !