Ras Al Jinz Turtle Nature Reserve

Oman has been a fascinating country to discover in the Middle East. Having been home to some of the oldest civilizations, there’s so much this country offers for tourists. I had heard about the turtle reserve on my last visit to Oman. I never heard of it before and we had driven all the way there from Muscat. When we had arrived there, they informed us that to see the turtles we had to spend the night there which we weren’t prepared for.

So, when we had our next trip booked, we made sure we would visit the Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve and see the turtles in the beach. Where Ras Al Jinz is located, begins the association of Omani borders to Arabian sea all the way until Salalah, and so when we were there the weather was really cool as it was the monsoons. (when its scorching summer in Doha)


Here’s what you need to know about the green sea Turtles that you get to see at Ras Al Jinz Reserve.

The Green Sea Turtle Lifecycle - When can you see them?

The mother turtles come to the land during the months of July - September to lay the eggs. Each of them lays upto a 100 eggs , although not all of them survive in the end. It is said that perhaps in the end only 3-4 in a 1000 survive and make it back to the sea.

This is because the babies get eaten by foxes, crabs, on land. The babies are only able to swim on the surface of water for about 2-3 months during which seagulls and eagles feed on them. It is a battle against nature and is so fascinating to see how the mothers come and dig the earth to make a comfortable and hidden spot to lay their eggs.

The hatching season starts from October onwards which is when you get to see all the baby turtles

Going to watch the Turtles

If you are staying at the reserve, you get to go on the tour to see the turtles for free. There are two trips done every day one at night around 9 pm and the other one is just before sunrise.

We made sure to go on both the trips and both of them were really fascinating.

In the night we saw the mother turtles digging away the sand, and we also saw them laying eggs. We were asked to stand behind the turtle as it would get stressed if it sensed anything in front of it.

No flashlights were allowed. We just had a light that was put on by the guide for us.

The sunrise trip was my most favorite part of the two tours. The sunrise was incredible. Also, we saw some of the latecomers lay eggs in broad daylight.

We got to see the turtle tracks which almost looked like cruiser tracks to the sea. Incredible!


And, by our luck we also spotted a baby turtle. Spotting the baby turtle was the highlight of our trip. We were a small group but we had all formed a bond with the baby turtle as we watched it walk towards the mighty Arabian sea with little steps.


This is one of the unique experiences that you can have in Oman. Ras Al Jinz is a few hours drive from Muscat and you will need to book an overnight stay to fully experience the beauty of this place