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Who doesn't like spa days? I had been thinking of visiting the Jaula spa for a while now. For those who have been keeping track of what I do on a regular basis, you know how busy, and hectic my schedule looks like most days. If you don't know what am talking about, well you can always follow my instagram account @creativitywithkay or my snapchat: I booked my appointment for Sunday afternoon, and arrived the Grand Hyatt Doha a little before 3 pm. My appointment was scheduled for 3:00 pm, and as I arrived there - Two ladies with pleasant smiles stood waiting at the reception. One of who asked me my name, and as soon as my name was asked - the other lady took over, and said " Hello! I am Ionela, and I will be your therapist for the day. Please follow me!"

I followed her, and she took me to the waiting area. If she hadn't told me the reason I was there was to fill a form to see if I had any allergies, I would have forever stood there looking at the water flow in the most subtle manner.



As I filled the form, there was one question that asked me, how many hours I slept at night, and I had written 6 there. Seeing this, Ionela was quick to say, that's not enough sleep - 8 hours is good sleep !

That's when I decided post treatment, my ability as to how well I could sleep would be one of those things I could see accomplished if I had a relaxed treatment.

I was taken to my treatment room which was a very spacious one, changed into my robes. I had opted to try the HydraGlow which will be offered throughout the month of November.



 The treatment began with body brushing. It felt prickly but, the way Ionela did it for me - I didn't feel any pain at all, and it was quite balanced between comfort, and discomfort. This is done to stimulate lymph flow, boost blood circulation, and improve absorption of products.

After this Pink Kaolin was applied to my body, and I was wrapped into a cocoon within something that looked like a foil. During this time, a very Ionela gave me a very invigorating head massage, and I almost fell asleep.

After what was enough time for the Pink Kaolin to dry out, I had a quick shower to wash away the Kaolin. Pink Kaolin is a kind of clay powder from Anne Semonin.

"The origin of the kaolin , from a true mineral layer, is situated in Auvergne, in the heart of Europe. PK smooths and refines the skin, resulting in velvety soft texture and tone. The salicylic acid contained in the kaolin plays a bactericidal, astringent and purifying role to promote healing in damaged skin and sooth sensitivity. anti- inflammatory and comforting. Ideal for sensitive skin condition such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis."

 After drying myself from the shower, a very relaxing massage with Botanical Body Milk was done to end the treatment. The milk is also a product from Anne Semonin, and is known to regenerate the skin tissue, improve elasticity, and tone the skin.

So relaxing it was that when Ionela said, " Let's move to Manicure, and Pedicure!" I was a little disappointed as I didn't want to leave so quick after treatment. But, I had to since I had a mani & pedi session booked for me.



I then followed Ionela to the Mani-pedi room - A room quite brightly lit, I was asked to take the seat for getting my pedicure. The chair had massaging options, and I got to have my tea, and get a massage while my pedicure was done. We did the Jaula Spa pedicure followed by the Jaula Spa Manicure.

I had an absolutely amazing, and relaxing time. It couldn't have been better - so calm, quiet, and much needed me-time. I did get enough sleep after the treatment.

The treatment is offered throughout the month of November. Please ask for the Pink Kaolin Treatment, and you should be able to experience exactly what I did or even better.

Here's more details on the Jaula Spa promotions for the month:

Jaula Spa - Hydra-glow Promotion

Pamper yourself at Jaula Spa with the ‘Hydra-glow’ promotion and treat your skin to a full-body

brushing to improve overall skin health, giving it that sought-after radiant glow followed by a

hydrating body mask to replenish the skin for the perfect post-summer hydration. Finish the

treatment with a soothing body lotion for moisture, to replenish the skin after exposure to the

elements, or simply to relax. This-60 minute treatment is available for booking at QAR 450.

Guests will feel refreshed and rejuvenated from head to toe! For bookings and inquiries, please

call 44481060

Jaula Spa - Spa Selection

Be your own treatment designer. Pick, mix and match your favorite body scrub along with your favorite massage, facial or hand and feet treatment for only QAR 850, on the day of your choice! For bookings and inquiries, please call 44481056

Disclaimer: I was a guest of Jaula Spa at The Grand Hyatt. However, all pictures, and opinions are my own.