Pomellato 2014 Collection Preview

Pomellato Collections always has more than a story to narrate. The 2014 collections from Pomellato is no less. Without saying a word, an icon communicates the essence of an idea; it is the ultimate expression of a singular style. To wear an iconic jewel is to experience an unforgettable encounter with refinement and beauty. Such a rare and timeless piece suits every occasion and is an object of universal desire.Pomellato has achieved the feat of creating an iconic jewel three times over: Nudo, Capri, Sabbia. Each piece possesses a unique character that evolves endlessly, but always maintains an unmistakable spirit of elegance.

Every piece displayed was definition of the word 'Luxury' and 'Beautiful' together. Had a hard time settling my heart for one favorite. Every piece was better than the other and soul capturing

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