A Recipe from Chef Andy Arndt | California Cabernet Braised Short Ribs, Fondant Potatoes and Bruschetta Tomato

Chef Andy Arndt from the Marriott Newport Beach Hotel, California was here in Doha as part of Discover America Week. Orange County in collaboration with the US Embassy had arranged many experiences for Qatar residents and one of them included bringing Chef Andy to Doha. Known around the world as "The OC," Orange County, California envelops you in the ultimate Southern California lifestyle…casual sophistication, pristine beaches, legendary theme parks and endless options for fun in the sun or cultural exploration. With sun-soaked days and star-filled nights, here you'll be immersed in the real California dream. Chef Andy Arnt was quite passionate about putting two recipes together for readers of my blog. I shared another one just yesterday. Did you have a look at it? Here's one more recipe:

Short Ribs:

8 ounces short ribs

2 quarts veal stalk

½ pound of carrots, celery and onions (roughly cut)

1 tbsp black pepper

2 bay leaves

In a small roasting pan, season the short rib with salt and pepper and place on fire until brown on both sides. Remove and add the vegetables in the pan until golden brown. Add short ribs again and vinegar and deglaze. Add veal stock, tomato and cover. Cook at 110C for 3 hours in the oven.



¼ pound fingerling potatoes

3 garlic cloves

½ bunch of thyme

½c cream

¼ pound butter

2 bay leaves

Salt and pepper

Wash potatoes and mix all ingredients in a bowl. In a roasting pan, cook for 45min in the oven on 160C. Take them out and place in a pan, add olive oil, salt and pepper and cook until potatoes are brown.



1 large ripe tomato

1c vinegar

1c olive oil

½ bunch of parsley

1tsp whole black peppers

3 bay leaves

1 stem rosemary

Put all the above in a small sauté pan. Cook on stove top on low fire for 20-30min until the tomato skin blisters but is still firm.



Wash arugula and toss in some vinegar, lemon juice and olive oil.

Try Making the dish and let me know how your trial went, and do share pictures with me :)

For the other recipe, please click here.

About Chef Andy

The journey of Chef Andy is quite  an inspirational one for those who are looking for one. Hard work, and passion definitely pays off.

At the age of 14 Andy started washing dishes at a restaurant near his house in Ramona California. After a few months Andy started to help with the prep work in the kitchen. Quickly became his first kitchen role as Prep cook, His mother always cooked and he helped , the family rarely ate out only on special occasions, so he understood a lot of preparing items in the kitchen. Soon after that I was hooked into the kitchen Family and wanted to make it my career.  

While attending the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, Chef Andy Arndt had the opportunity to work at one of San Francisco’s best restaurants, Boulevard, with Chef Nancy Oakes, whose mentorship would shape his career. Oakes taught him the importance of focusing on the seasonal ingredients abundant in the Bay area. In 1998, Arndt chose to broaden his culinary horizons and accepted a position at San Francisco’s award-winning Mc2 with Chef Yoshi Kojima. He spent the following two years helping Kojima develop and execute his French-Californian cuisine inflected with subtle Japanese elements.

Eager to expand his repertoire, Arndt left the West Coast for New York City, where he embarked on a series of stages with the city's leading chefs. His first stop was at Union Pacific where he worked with Chef Rocco Dispirito. The next stop was at March with Chef Wayne Nish. Soon after, Arndt was lured to Gramercy Tavern by Chef Tom Colicchio. There, Arndt spent the next year absorbing Colicchio’s culinary vision and expanding his knowledge of East Coast ingredients. Arndt was then hired as chef de cuisine at Halcyon Restaurant at the Rihga Royal Hotel. While at Halcyon, he managed a kitchen staff of 40. Under his tenure, Halcyon received some of its best critical reviews since its opening. Arndt leapt on the opportunity to stage under iconic chef Thomas Keller at The French Laundry.

At Ojai Valley Inn and Spa, where Arndt was executive chef for four years, he was responsible for the food program at all restaurants and banquets with a large focus on seasonality and farm-to-table mentality. During his tenure, the resort acquired a Five Diamond AAA Rating.