Noodle House Calling!


Hello folks! How you all been? So, the country is almost preparing for Ramadan and, that's when there is a lot of things happening around everyday. I was invited to review the Noodle House at Landmark. So, if you have been reading my blog you will know that I had a post on Noodle House a while back. That was in City Centre, this is another branch of theirs as well. The thing about Noodle House overall is that they are not overly priced, quantities are good, and makes for a good family dining restaurant. They have great seating, and the ambiance is really nice. I went earlier than my dining time to the restaurant, asked them to keep a certain seat for me, did my shopping around the Mall. They showed me to the seat which I had requested. So, all was good. If you have been to Noodle House, you know how they have a really cute - fill the form- kind of menu with a noodle like pen. The form came, and then yes I had the indecisive moment like I do always about what to order. It happened anyways!

Now, what did I order? Here goes the list!

Obviously, siewmai ! I love their siewmais - those little dumplings that are really delicious, and served in a bamboo box/ tiffin ( not too sure what it's called), and when you open it -ah out goes the steam, and then you take a bite, and then you know the only thing you'd want to keep eating is siewmais the whole day - Yes I love it!


We also tried ordering the Wasabi Prawns. The prawns were great! But, if I had to choose one from their small plates, it has to be siewmai.


From the specialities, I tried the sweet and sour crispy fried chicken. It was delicious, and was definitely a good choice.

From the Wok fried noodles, I tried the Bakmi Noodles. It was really really nice. It was my first time ordering it, and it ended up to be to my liking. So well, that's a plus.


For accompaniment, their prawn crackers are the best. Those prawn crackers can have you munching the whole serving, and before you know the mountain before you turns into a molehill. Well, yes it's a great snack.


We also tried the Asian salad. It was a so-so for me. But, the prawn crackers if you have a chance go try it. I'd get prawn crackers instead of popcorns any day because well I love it.


The Noodle house has the best coconut icecream that I have had in Doha which is normally paired with their Hot Chocolate Lava Cake. Normally, I am a person who would order the lava cake, but with this coconut ice cream it's the other way round. I order the lava cake for the ice cream.



So, there goes my experience at Noodle House at Landmark. Have you been there? What was your experience like? What are your favorite dishes? Is there something that you think I should try? Let me know, and hope you enjoyed reading my post as much as I enjoyed writing it.



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