What is the Secret to Beautiful Makeup?

No, I am not going to be giving any makeup lessons here! I ain't no makeup artist! Don't stress over the title too much. I am not revealing any kind of secrets here at all. Other than the fact, that when I walked out of 2016, Nivea got in touch with me to review their latest product launched in the Middle Eastern Market. The best part about it for me was that the first piece in Qatar was given to me. I think that is a big deal! Why would a lady whose face is seldom seen in public be reviewing this product?

The secret is that there are many women here in the Middle East especially Qatar, who are like me. They are always looking forward to what I review - be it a restaurant, a travel destination, or anything that has to do with being a lady. The excitement that I had, knew no bounds. There are many faces out there. My blog got chosen! That's a big deal for me! Did I mention that the first person who got to try this in Qatar was me? :D

I'd like to dedicate this post to all my female readers - the many ladies like me those who choose to be not seen in public, and those who aren't. For everyone likes having beautiful skin, don't they?

"What is the secret to beautiful makeup?" is the latest launch by NiveaMe.

That moment when @niveame realized my obsession with skincare and sent me the #NoMessNoStress Kit. ☺☺ For a person who is seldom seen to be someone obsessed with skincare, I am. Skincare before makeup. Skincare before sleep. Skincare everyday. Skincare while travelling!✈✈ That's just who I am! Such a privelege to be the first one to try this in Qatar. The #NoMessNoStress kit is the perfect little set that can be placed by the bedside for your before sleep skincare routine with an added mirror and an organizer inside in addition to the products in the flatlay including the little face towel. What does your skincare routine look like?😀 . . . . . . #skincare #acolorstory #niveame #Nivea #QatarBloggers #travellife #traveljunkie #travelgram #bblogger #adventure #traveler #instapassport #girlslovetravel #girlswhotravel #femaletravel #instatravel #youareworthit #mobilemag #daretolive #wildandfree #natgeographic #traveladdict #wanderluster #wanderlusting #welivetoexplore #flirtingwithnature  #exploremore #cleanser #micellar

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The whole set is put together really nicely. IT comes in a hardboard box with a mirror inside, and an organizer as well which you can later use as a mini makeup organizer box itself. The mirror, and the organizer are removable, and reusable.


The products that come in the box include the following

  1. Nivea Cleansing & Care Face Wash - The face wash has a creamy texture, and Nivea's signature scent. What I have experienced with most face washes is the face kind of feels tingly, and dried out. This one however is different! You can still feel that your face has its moisture, and feels smooth.

  2. Nivea Double Effect Eye Makeup- Remover - In general, I am not a person who is into heavy makeup. However, I still use it most days before sleep just to cleanse my eye area, and it pretty much cleans out any little thing that might have snuck onto my skin during the day's activities.

  3. Nivea Sensitive Caring Micellar Water - This kind of works as a cleanser, toner & moisturizer.


There was also a face towel in the box which I think is a necessity to wipe all the excess product, and makeup of your face than a cotton pad, and can be reused. I think it was smart of Nivea to put it together. Have you tried this kit yet or any of the products in them yet? What did you think? Let me know your thoughts in review.

Disclaimer: Nivea sent me this kit for the purpose of review. However, everything written here is from my own experience.