Go Shopping at Mirqab Mall

There's a new mall in town and it's every travelling Instagrammer's dream or atleast it's mine. With so many malls opening up in Qatar, you might be wondering hard on which mall to go to. Well, I have put down all the reasons as to why I think you should check out Mirqab Mall.

  • If you are looking to visit a mall that is inspired by local culture, and feel, Mirqab Mall is the place to go.

  • Fountains are a thing in the Middle East. Oh I think it's a thing everywhere else too. But, in Qatar, I think without a doubt Mirqab Mall has the best.

  • There are one-off cafes, you wouldn't find anywhere else in Doha.

    • Cereal Killer Cafe - This quirky cafe is a step back in time especially if you were a 90's kid. There's so many colors, and over 100 varieties of global cereal, 12 different kinds of milk, and over a dozen toppings. It's just brilliant!

  • Caffe Concerto - Another one of a kind restaurant with a very Victorian vibe - A franchise of the famous Italian Restaurant in London. I am talking dark wood, velvet, and big chandeliers. Do you get where I am coming from? If not, go check it out.

    1. The classic eateries and stops you just can't miss

      • Casper and Gambini's: Don't know what to order? Head here!

      • Haagen Dazs: All you need to do is head here to beat that summer heat.

      • Paul: Any Mall with Paul is good. You don't have to think twice about where to dine when you are looking for a name you trust.

      • Now when it comes to fashion, the exciting thing about the mall which you can't find anywhere commonly are their outlet stores. With everyone wanting to own the big labels, here's one place you can find some big brands for a steal.

      • There's no place like Mango and Zara when it comes to high street shopping. The Mango branch in Mirqab Mall is one of the biggest and they really do have some awesome collection especially right about now. They have a huge collection of statement earrings. I have always been a statement earring kind of girl. But, then shoes and bags distracted me from 'em for a while. At Mango, they have some stunners.

      • For movie buffs and enthusiasts, there's FLIK Cinemas! No talking (That's theatre policy anyways.) The story, the screen and popcorn will keep you company.

  • With sunlight flooding in during the day and the long corridors, walking is so much more enjoyable here than any other mall in Doha. Instagrammable spots are everywhere in this mall. With so much detail going into the interiors, you can click away all day, and still must have missed out on a spot or two. I mean Instagram is a hobby these days right? IT really counts!


Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with Mirqab Mall. However, all the pictures and opinions are mine.