Manish Arora Latest Collection Launch with Dalalid (Dalal Aldoub)

Better Late than Never! I happened to get the chance to be a part of the Manish Arora Trunk Show at The Closet Qatar. A visit to Candy Land was what it was to me - The clothes, the colors, the lollipops, and the cupcakes - everything was so CANDY!

Had the chance to meet the Kuwaiti Blogger Dalali Aldoub - prettier in person than pictures, saw first hand what Manish Arora was all about. It was a crazy fun night.

Most prominent names in Qatar's fashion world were also part of the event - Fatma AlThani, Raya AlKhalifa, Chiara, Tima, BlueBrush hairstylist David Martinez , and the pretty model Angelique DeLangue were also part of the event.

The pictures will do more justice than my words so here you go!