Maasai Mara Travel Guide | The Great Migration

I cannot believe I have ticked this off my bucket-list. Witnessing the Great Migration has to be on your bucket-list too. I think I have ticked it off but I feel like it’s back on the bucket-list again. I am not sure what the right words to express the feelings are. The sunrise and the sunset on the Savannahs are incredbile at this time of the year. There’s millions of animals that have crossed over to the Mara from Serengeti. Nothing will ever compare to witnessing a crossing, a kill, or watching the animal family life for hours. It’s beyond words, pictures, and even videos.

How to get there

You can either get yourself driven there or take a flight to one of the airstrips in the Mara from where the hotel/ camp picks you. We chose to fly in so as to maximise our time as well as energy before getting into the Mara. They say it can be quite bumpy if you are driving there.

Where to stay

Most camps are all-inclusive as in the middle of the Mara you get no access to supermarkets or any kind of stores easily. It is better to be prepared with all the necessities. Electric points to charge umpteen number of devices as well as places with wifi is quite limited in the area.

National Park Entrance Fees

There is a fee of 80 $ entrance fee per adult to enter the park. Each ticket is valid for 24 hours. If you plan to spend a few days at the Mara, we suggest that you buy your ticket each day separately on your own and make sure to keep the receipts. This way even if you have a change in plan, you don’t end up paying more than necessary. Each ticket is valid for entry into the park upto 24 hours from when it was issued. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Why you should visit the Mara

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