Leave the Turkey Neck for the Turkeys |Bello Moi Founder Guest Post

Two indicators of aging are the hands and neck. These are two body parts on display but not always a priority in a beauty routine. Your skin might be flawless, but with a sagging neckline and the jawline appearing to fade into the chin, your age is hard to hide. Even before the eyes, the neck is the first giveaway of aging. Many issues can affect the appearance of ones neck, largely dependent on the weight and age of a person. Between sun damage, an angular jawline, fat, muscle weakening, and skin losing laxiticy the appearance is compromised. Shortening of the cervical spine and even bone loss add to the wrinkling of the neck.

These neck issues can begin as early in people in their twenties or thirties. The skin around the jaws could use a bit of firming and strengthening.

There are options other than a surgical neck lift to choose from. Machines that target producing collagen by using heat can tighten the skin. Some of the tightening machines use radio frequency to produce heat or others use ultrasound. Some have to be used over a period of time because the heat sensation can be painful. Ablative fractional resurfacing combined with intense pulsed light can also stimulate collagen production.

For a weak jawline, a filler like Radiesse,may be injected to replicate the appearance of bone structure.

Another great option for improving the appearance of the dreaded "turkey neck" is a skin tightening product. Bello Moi has developed an incredible serum, the Tightening Elixir. The ingredient GABA used topically helps to soften and relax the muscles, thus smoothing the skin. Another firming ingredient is DMAE. It improves muscle tone, enhances the contour and addresses loss of elasticity. The tightening serum also contains alpha lipoic acid and retinol palmitate to reduce inflammation and boost collagen production.

Leave the turkey neck for the turkeys. You can improve the condition of your neck thus enhancing your total appearance.