Konzept Review

It's summer time for bold and fun colors! But, you don't want to leave out the subtle pastel shades... You have got the Konzept collection by Nada just doing that for you!

The bright colors on off white makes it such a fun piece and is my favorite from her latest collection. You can style it in many different ways, and believe me it's all going to look good!

Blue is the hot new colour this season with hues ranging from stark cobalt to crepuscular shades. The great thing about  blue is that it complements any skin tone, so you don’t need to go to Hawaii for a holiday before wearing 

it. This blue is so pastel and light and can be paired with neutrals or bright block shades. 



Nada has been an avid fan of Germany ever since I have known her and she adores everything about it so much that her collection name has been given a German name.