Jewelry for an Empress | Boutique Ottoman

"These gems have life in them: their colors speak, say what words fail of." If George Eliot were here these are the words I would imagine he would describe the jewellery from Boutique Ottoman with.Precious materials and traditional techniques hybrid with the innovative, transporting jewelry towards new scenarios, languages and markets. Audacious use of remarkable materials glitter in the imagination, whilst the sensuous shapes embrace the wearer's form. These elements, harmoniously combined, vividly illuminate Boutique Ottoman 's expertise in their craft.

Derya Oguzcan, the talent behind Boutique Ottoman spared us a few minutes to give us an insight about his creativity process.



Kay: So where did it all start from?

Derya: Jewelry interest was always on our mind as our family business was in gold.

Kay: Tell us how did you get into jewellery design?

Derya: As mentioned, it started in our family as Mom was a Gold Jeweller in the beginning, then changed her store to Silver and then retired. Now she is an artist of Marbling ( drawing on a special water ). I was particularly interested in being a designer and was educated privately in jewelry design.



Kay: Can you tell us a little more about the influence of the Ottoman heritage on your work?

Derya: Ottomans are our ancestors so every Turk has the same spirit; we love Stones and handworks especially on our silver work. As Ottomans  lived a very wealthy and glorious life, they always took care of precious  jewels both in the palaces and their own.

Kay: That is quite interesting! How would you define passion?

Derya: Every person has a passion for something or the other. At Boutique Ottoman, our passion is Jewellery.

Kay:  How long does it normally take to complete a collection?

Derya: When we  start to a new collection, we do not set any accurate time to finish. For us, this is art, and something spiritual. We prefer daytime to work out. When it comes to handmade designs, the best time is when there is a lot of strength in your hands and eyes - no shaking and no tiredness for best results.

Kay: What does 2014 hold for Boutique Ottoman?

Derya: We hope to widen our collection worldwide which is our main target now.

Kay: Do you remember the first piece of jewellery you created?

Derya: Yes, the first piece I created was a single heart shaped silver rope bracelet for teenagers.

Kay: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Derya: The best advice I got was from my Mom; she always advised us to be patient while working and not to rush anything as that would not let us maintain the quality and standard of our work.

Here, we have come to the end of our interview with a lot of beautiful advice to succeed in your own dream. If Derya has done it, so can you! We look forward to the emergence of more brilliance in fine jewellery inspired by Ottoman History.



The collections from Boutique Ottoman are true head-turners and a direct reflection of the grandeur of the Ottoman History.

Thinking of gifting someone? I say pick Boutique Ottoman!