Is Ramadan all about the Food? #QatarBloggers Link-Up

Is Ramadan all about the food? What are you having for Iftar today? Where are you going? Which tent? What did you cook?

These are the questions that are so out there on social media lately that someone who is new to the concept of Ramadan might just get the idea that Ramadan = FOOD. But, Is Ramadan all about food?

The Ramadan Experience that I like best is the one at home. Not a lot of food, food isn't even the primary concern. It's not even secondary. To me, I think about food an hour or two before Iftar if I have to prepare something. The focus of Ramadan isn't about food, and shouldn't be about it.

Ramadan is a month of spiritual cleansing by giving up on material desires. It is the time when your body is the weakest. Little things like a sip of water, or a shower in the summer heat makes you wonder about how big a blessing it is.



What a typical day in Ramadan looks like for me

Suhoor - Eating something to keep my stomach cool. Having suffered from problems due to acidity before, I have now learnt that you need to have something to cool your stomach before you start the fast or even later. I normally opt for milk, buttermilk or yoghurt, and some complex proteins or some fibre food that take a little bit of extra time for digestion.

I then pray, work for an hour or so, and head to bed. I sleep for around 5-6 hours -varies on a day to day basis.

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I then wakeup to pray, and give myself some time to sort out some home chores, and cleaning. I work for some time again, after which it would be time for the next prayer.

If am heading out for Iftar, I step out an hour before to make it in time for Iftar. And, if am staying home I do so probably 75 minutes before. That's about how much time I prefer to spend on food. Obviously, since I haven't eaten the whole day, when I break my fast, the moment I have eaten a few slices of fruits, dates, and drank something, I am almost full. I don't prefer stuffing myself when I see a lot of food, or even when there isn't a variety. That's about how much I like to eat. I have heard a lot about people living to eat. I'd rather be that person who would eat to live even if share a lot of food on my blog. I'd still like to be that person.

15 minutes is how much we normally spend for Iftar, and then head to pray. I then opt to have a meal that includes some main course before heading out to pray again.

Obviously, sharing most of the time after Iftar with the family. I like to spend half of the day connecting with myself, and learning things, and getting my work done, and the other half connecting with the family until before Suhoor.

That is what a fulfilling day in Ramadan looks like for me!

For me, Ramadan isn't about eating; It is about sharing, giving, and thanking.