Healthy Eating for A Day | Fresh Box from Crunch Doha

People who follow me on my snapchat know from my snaps that it's been hard for me to stick to a healthy diet. If you aren't follow me on snapchat: , make sure you do it now! There's too many great restaurants opening up here everyday with a lot of good food. Crunch Doha decided that it was about time to get back to healthy eating, and decided to take care of my meals for a day. I opted in for a Wednesday where I had no outdoor eating or anything that involved the slightest junk into my system to try their Fresh Box. Early morning even before 8:00 am, the Fresh Box was delivered to my house. A very cool looking cardboard box with 3 meal boxes, and 2 snack boxes.  Low calorie, low sodium, low fat, low cholestrol, very healthy, and tasty - that's what Fresh Box is all about!


The Fresh Box is a really great concept for those who are looking for a healthier diet with tasty meals. How to go about it is very simple! All you have to do is schedule an appointment, get a free body composition analysis, and then you are all set. The measl are home-delivered from Saturday to Tursday everymorning. The fresh box comes with instructions on how to store the food. At QAR 3150 per month, it is such a steal. And what's better is that if you have just read this you get a 350 QAR discount for the first month. Just use the Promo Code: Creativity with Kay


What did my fresh box look like? Here's the break down along with my verdict.

Breakfast: Individual Egg & Spinach Bowl


Verdict: I loved these. At first, I didn't know what to expect but, first bite and they were really delicious!

Snack 1: Blueberry-Lemon Quinoa Salad





Verdict: This was a sandwich that came with multi-grain bed. I am not a fish person. I am not sure why a lot of people just assume I love seafood. I am really not! But, this was really delicious. You'll have to give it a go, and see!

Snack 2: Greek Chopped Salad


Verdict: You all know what this is! I love salads very much, and these were great!

Dinner: Lemon Garlic Tilapia


Verdict: The lemon garlic tilapia was my least favorite amongst all that I tried only because I am not someone who prefers to have fish for dinner. There wasn't anything that put me off. Just that it wasn't my happiest dinner meal.

If I were to round off how I felt after a day's meal, If I intend to go on a diet, I do know whom to trust with my meals. So, if you are that person who has been waiting to get on the healthy bandwagon. Here you go! Get in touch with and don't forget the promo code: Creativity With Kay. It's for you to use!