From Bustling city to Stunning Scenery | Beach Rotana, Abu Dhabi


I don't want to come to terms with the fact that I am back again sitting behind my desktop to share my experience. I'd rather be still enjoying the view from my balcony sipping on the Sparkling date juice with Mr. M.

Obviously, all good things come to an end, and here I am now making sure that the memory stays on here. So, I was planning my trip to the UAE, and the first place to choose that came to my mind was Rotana. But, why so? I had the chance to experience Rotana's hospitaliy in Qatar on many occasions. If you haven't read them, you can have a glimpse here of what Oryx Rotana offered me.

Rotana's home being the Emirates - the number of hotels to choose from are plenty. With all the choices that were available, and having previously stayed at Park Rotana, the top pick that came was of course the parent Rotana - Beach Rotana - the mother of all Rotanas.

Easy check in right from the moment we reached the valet to the check-in counter - everything was smooth, and done easy. We were quickly given our room details, and greeted by Mr.Dario Trombetta.

We were then showed into our room 1612 which was a classic suite. Did I mention we were on a road trip from Qatar to UAE? Well, we were. So you can imagine how exhausted we would have been by the time we made it to Abu Dhabi - myself & Mr. M both of us were fasting, it was really hot scorching summer, and we had arrived after a drive of almost 600 kilometers. That is quite tiring even to think of it! However, the moment we stepped into our room all signs of exhaustion faded away. We felt instantly refreshed, and like little kids excited to be in our room. It was quite so spacious.


Now isn't that the perfect place to have in front of you when you are tired. Even the bath was really nice. With rainforest showers, and also a private tub, it was beautiful as well. Really!


As soon as I entered inside, I had some beautiful Eid gifts waiting for me which was a pleasant surprise and a really thoughtful gesture from Beach Rotana.


We arrived a little while before sunset, and had sometime to get refreshed before we headed out for breaking our fast at their all day dining buffet restaurant - Essence. Essence was so full when I went in for Iftar that it was hard to take a picture there. The setups were great but, before I could click good shots, someone would walk past by or reach out for the dish I was aiming at.


The buffet setup at the Restaurant was quite lavish not like a wedding party setup, but more so in an elegant manner. Nothing like I have seen in Doha - not too cliche, beautifully spread out, and an altogether different setup.

When we got back to our room, we had some surprises waiting for us - the spread of fruits brought a smile to my face. And, yes I love fruits a lot. I could have them any day any time.  To put it into words, the customized personalized experience that Beach Rotana had prepared for me was one of the best that I had through out my trip.


This spread on the table was not the only thing we had waiting for us when we got back. We had something extra waiting for us as well that gave us a bit of a shock for a while. Both of us were a bit scared to go close to it, only to realize it wasn't anything like we imagined.


The arrangement got us on our toes, and we are quite sure it will be one of those memories we will always remember.

There is something about the beds in hotels. Do they put some kind of a sleeping charm or something in there? I had just lied down for a bit, and before I knew I had already fallen asleep. I woke up wondering whether I had missed the time for Suhoor considering that was the first time I went to bed after our tiring road trip. Thankfully, I had enough time for Suhoor. So, as soon as I got off the bed, I dialed through for our Suhoor to come in through room service. I am guessing that on a normal day, the room service experience would be pretty much the same with a much more elaborate menu to choose from. Within half an hour since when I placed my order, the food came in steaming hot, and delicious. Myself, and Mr. M enjoyed having the meal.


I prayed, and waited up till sunrise to enjoy the beautiful view from my balcony.

I then went for a tour of the Hotel with Mr. Ahmed - the front desk manager who gave me a tour of the most scenic points of the Hotel. Inspite of the fact that it was really hot, and humid, and he was fasting, he gave me a tour of the Hotel with nothing but all smiles. A huge shout out to him. It is my habit though wherever I stay, I like to take a tour of the place. More than often, there is a lot to see everywhere you go in terms of art, architecture, history, nature - and I love discovering them all!


Before I left, Mr. Dario gave me a tour of all the restaurants in the Hotel - obviously, because I was there only for a day, and  it was Ramadan I did not get the chance to try all the restaurants. However, I did see them all.

A very quiet Essence


An Interesting wall in Prego's


Each restaurant according to its cuisine would take you through a memorable culinary journey of that land. To see more of the dining options, you should head to the article on my favorite dining options at Beach which have been prepared with some amazing pictures that were shared by the Hotel. I know I have to go back there some other time just to dine at their restaurants, and also to enjoy the Beach in a more beautiful weather.

Considering going to Abu Dhabi somewhere October end or after? Why not try Beach Rotana.

On another note, I have been choosing the pictures to post on my blog for days now. Beach Rotana is a beautiful place to stay, enjoy, and explore. Take my word for it! You can also have a wonderful experience at Beach. Head to Beach Rotana's website, and book the stay of your choice.


Disclaimer: I was a guest for a day at Beach Rotana. However as always, photos are my own and opinions stated are genuine and in no way influenced.