Brunch Around the World

Food festival was quite a cultural culinary journey, wasn't it? But, now that it's over and weekend is here, and just in case you are wondering where to have a good brunch this Friday? Worry not! I come to you with good news - brunch around the world is just a small drive away from you. Before I even tell you anything, I will tell you this. I am not a fan of buffets because often it is hard for me to choose of what to eat. I never end up eating really well in a buffet because there's too much to choose from, and too little my stomach can hold. From all the reasons, that would get me back there getting me not confused with an overwhelming spread, and offering just the right amount of choices tops the list.

If you haven't been cooking for days and want to get started with some quick easy to makes salads and other recipes, this buffet is a great start as well. There are so many fun stations where you can create your own mini recipes, and get the creative juices of the chef inside you flowing.


If you are looking for sunlight brightening the table that you are dining on, it's here.


If you'd rather prefer dim lights and elaborate settings, and not much of a sunlight person, that spot is there for you.


If you want to dine in sunlit room, and then move over somewhere with a more toned down atmosphere, and sip on some Moroccan mint, this buffet offers a perfect balance for both.


If you are looking for some Thai options, they have got Tom Yum soup , and more.

If you are looking for Indian, these gleaming copper pots are show stoppers.


If you are looking for some Mediterranean options in your buffet, and more than just a dining experience but some art, and fun as well, these creative boards will stop you.


If you are looking for sea food the choices here will carry you away. I am not much of a seafood person but, the display of the fresh catch they had here could stop even the likes of me.


If there is a place where the food in front of you can call your name, it is here at this buffet.


If you'd rather much go for street food, there's fresh Shawarmas.


If you are more the mezze spread kind of person, you won't be disappointed.


If you'd rather have your own pasta made in front of you, voila!


Don't want any of it and just want to indulge in some sushis!


If you want a fabulous dessert spread, the one here is more than just fabulous.


If you'd rather prefer to see a mini food cart, cheer up. There's a small food cart with fresh homemade Arabic sweets that look like art, and tastes even better. Some of these dishes were wiped out clean even before I could try them. Says something, doesn't it?


If you'd prefer to spend your time by the chocolate fountains then here you go!


If you have kids who are always trying to get their own food from the buffet even though their hands don't reach, there's a mini food spread for them.


If there are kids who enjoy trying their own things, there is the cotton candy station when they can make their own cotton candy. It was actually fun to see some of the kids present that day try that. It was an experience for them as well, and once they had their cotton candy in hand, they were even proud of their little creation, and was showing it off to their siblings, and friends who had joined them for the brunch.

If you are rather a cheese person, they have a very creative spread of them right here for you. It looked amazing!


If sauteed vegetables never looked good in your eyes, you will automatically find yourself eating it here at this buffet.


If you don't want to indulge in any of this, and just want to detox, and "salad" - yes I have literally made that into a verb, this buffet is that place as well.


If you want to have all of the options at a price that's a steal - QAR 199 per person, you are just about to know where the place is.

If after hearing of all the reasons why you shouldn't be missing dining here this Friday, and if you are curious where this place is already, here's your answer? It's the Friday Brunch at City Centre Rotana! The All- day dining restaurant Olive Oil and the Lebanese restaurant Misk comes together every Friday to put together a fabulous spread of a brunch from around the world.

This buffet isn't about the food itself. It is about the experience. There's something for everyone! Convinced to try it now? Let me know!

Olive Oil - City Centre Rotana Doha Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

P.S: I was invited as a guest to City Centre Rotana. However, all opinions, and pictures shared here are my own.