Favorite Food Experiences in Qatar

Since I am always kind of confused to pick a favorite, I decided to pick more than just a favorite. Indian Cuisine

To start off, I am going to go ahead with Indian food. There is no better winner for me than Tamarind when it comes to that. The ambience, the service, the presentation, the plating, the taste - everything comes of together just amazingly. This is the first restaurant that comes to my mind for a special occasion.

Mexican Cuisine

Recently, I got to try the menu at the newly opened Mexican Restaurant Isla at the Pearl, and I absolutely fell in love with the cuisine. Anything, that has me captivated from my first experience has to fall in my favorites.

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Italian Cuisine

I absolutely am a die-hard fan of Biella. The food that I have tried from the restaurant in all their outlets have me craving for the next time already.

However, there is one more exception that I am going to make here. Cicchetti is a new restaurant in Doha's dining scene - the plating, the interiors, the details of the place is excellent. Though, am not a die hard sea-food person, this place has some excellent salads, and sea-food pastas.

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I love Karak so much that even when it is 50 degrees outside, and someone offers me Karak I wouldn't say no. Have tried quite a lot of options, and Karak Mqanes is my favorite.

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Afternoon Tea

The afternoon tea experience at Seasons Lounge, Four Seasons was the best I have had till date. The view, the service, the setting, the perfect service, there is no place that has mastered it like Seasons Lounge for me.

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The afternoon tea at IC Doha the city is something I cannot pass off easily though. Their price, the amount of food, the quite, and calm of the place, the delicious Arabic Mezzeh , the envelope with a secret recipe, and a scone to take home will have me opting the venue every now and then.

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Coffee Places

I never used to be much of a Coffee drinker until I tried Caribou. Ah, the best comfort drink around Doha.


If I'd recommend trying a cappuccino, that is clearly going to win your heart try the one at Al Jalsa Lounge at Sharq Village. Yes, I am biased now. I cannot change my mind. They had my heart at what they offered. As much as other things I have tried, haven't found a place that impressed me better.

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Chocolate Stops

Dip N Dip - the name has me at D. If it was not for the traffic, and the crowd at the outlet, I'd have been there almost every week, and been twice my size already.

Healthy Stop

Shades Cafe in Doha Tower has a really great variety of healthy options. It is kind of like a hidden gem really. I didn't know of its existence until I was invited for the Zomato meetup there.

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Shawarma is my most favorite fast-food option. As of now, I cant think of a clear favorite in my head.

And then there is the Wahish from Mashawi Al Arabi - absolute deliciousness in every bite of it.

So, there goes my extensive list of favorites. Clearly, I couldn't pick one. Thank you Polly and Noemi for being gracious hosts, and coming up with a very interesting #QatarBloggersLinkup everytime.