Ezdan Hotels - Made in Qatar

  Home Grown, Local - this is something I have been wanting to write about, and work on for the longest time. Even better when you are on a staycation at a home grown hotel!

My reviews or what I share on my blog isn't a yes-this-is-the-best place to be. It is more about finding happiness where I am, and why I feel an experience was special. That's why when I got invited to stay at Ezdan, I didn't know what to expect.

When you don't know what to expect, I look for that reason to why or how a memory would become special. To me while at Ezdan, the attention to small things - a message of 'We care' was embedded everywhere- in the simplicity of the room. A traditional looking restaurant. A waitress eager to give you a happy meal. A bouquet of flowers. A platter of fruits!


This staycation was more a getaway for me to beat the heat. So, I just stayed indoors most of the time, did some art work, learnt some photography skills, and worked on myself.


For those who are curious, what activites the Ezdan Hotel offers? The 4th floor in the towers leads out to an open space which comprises the swimming pool - an Olympic sized one that too, little parks here, and there, lots of dining options, game centres, basketball court, and many others which I didn't really explore because of the heat.

They have a fitness centre, as well as a beauty salon, and massage centre. Their massages are so good, and the prices are such a bargain. I would totally recommend trying the massage there. The settings are simple, the service quite normal, nothing too out of the way, but, the massage itself was amazing. And, that is about what you would want when you pay for a massage.


We had breakfast at Al Thouraya restaurant during our stay. The buffet had great options - a mix of Arabic and continental breakfast. There was a live egg station in terms of a live station. And yes I had the most amazing cinnamon rolls ever while I was here at the hotel.. I normally hesitate trying a lot of bakery, and pastry items during breakfast. It was the suggestion of one of the waiters at the restaurant that I try the cinnamon rolls. I did on the day I was leaving, and regretted the fact that I didn't try it on the previous day while we were there. You might wonder why I am mentioning about these in my staycation review? Well, it was that good that I wouldn't want anyone else miss trying it whether you are going for a staycation or for breakfast alone.


We had a really nice, and calm time. I did not go to the pools because I only go to ladies only. So, for me staying away from the heat was just being in my room.

The hotel is centrally located in West Bay. There are cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants downstairs. If you are a guest of the Hotel, then they allot you a parking area as well.

There were so many elements that made it obvious that this was a homegrown brand. The number of paintings that showed Doha was countless. Though I did not get to take any clicks of them, so you might as well go check them out.

One thing that particularly stood out for me was the abundant supply of water in our room. In this scorching heat, and humidity, water is everything. The fact that attention was paid to place ample amount of drinking water than normal was outstanding, and one worth mentioning.

I would still ask you to try staying in this place because it is worth it to support local brands in Qatar. It offers great views, and the simple things in life. And, sometimes it's really the simple things in life that makes a lot of difference, and gives us memories to take back home.


Have you been to Ezdan Hotels before? What was your experience like?


Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with Ezdan Hotels. However, all pictures, and opinions mentioned here are my own.