The Beacon of Knowledge and Light | An Exhibition

Yesterday I got the chance to visit The Beacon of Knowledge and Light put together by HBKU at QFIS. The Beacon of Knowledge and Light is an exhibition that focuses on the many aspects of Islam, and the Qur'an. From botany to astronomy, and architecture, there is quite a lot you can discover at this exhibition. The event also runs today from 1:00 pm - 9:00 pm. It's a great place to take the kids to as well and is quite informative for the adults as well.

Some of the activities that are part of the event includes

Live Calligraphy Session

In addition to the calligraphy exhibit, there is also a live calligraphy session going on where you can get your names written in some of the beautiful Arabic fonts. You can also get a hands-on experience yourself if you'd like.


Qur'an based Botanical Garden


These exhibits are a mix of real plants, and photo exhibits - quite informative as well

3 D presentation of the Haramain - ( The Holy Mosques in Makkah, and Madinah)


This is like a virtual presentation where you get to see the Haramain inside what looks like a black structure. Can't really describe its shape. There are also 3 D photo exhibits put together by a lady and her brother who came in from Saudi

Smoothie Making Demo

There is a food court area where you can buy in little snacks if you are hungry, and also there is a live smoothie making demo session there.

Fascination Astronomy

A couple of powerful telescopes have been brought from wherein you can see the stars, and the moon through it. The waiting lines for this can get massive.


All-in-all it is a fun and informative exhibition - one which is mainly targeted for kid, and young adults. However I am sure even adults would enjoy going to this one. Just a reminder this is an open exhibition for Muslims, and Non Muslims alike. If you haven't been there, I'd recommend you paying a visit. The building architecture is very impressive, and an art in itself.