Emirgan Sutis Iftar Offering Review

How has your Ramadan been coming along? Days fly, precious time that is once gone which will never come back to us again. Make sure you are making the best use of it insha Allah.

I had the chance to review the Iftar at Emirgan Sutis - the Al Hilal branch which is priced at 99 QAR per head, and is quite a sumptuous offering for a set menu.

Let me just bring to your attention that the purpose of Ramadan is not to over eat. So, even if you were going for a set menu - Eat only what you can, and pack the rest of the food. You can either take it home, and have it later or pass it to a worker or someone in dire need of food that you come across on your way back home. Absolutely do not be a person who wastes food - food that many people don't get to have, food that is a very big blessing that we have, food that is not meant to be wasted.


Now here's the offering on the menu.

Appetizer plate which consiste of dates, olive and dried fruits. Turkish Tea or Turkish coffee, and mineral water. These are but essentials of breaking fast so there isn't much to say about it.








Bowl of soup: You can choose from Tarhana, lentil or chicken soup. The soup serving isn't less, and is quite filling.


The cold Appetizer plate which consists of Mezze, and salad which are absolutely delicious. Me and Mr. M absolutely cleaned up our dish -loved each item served on the Mezze.





As for the main course - You can make a choice between Iskender Kebab or Sac Tava.

These are served along with Grilled Chicken Breast, Grilled Kofte with Cheese, Urfe Kebab served with rice and garnished with onion, green pepper and tomato. The main course serving was definitely a lot. We couldn't even finish half of it, so we packed up the rest of what remained. Iskender Kebab is a favorite of mine - I go for it everytime. However, I found Sac Tava to be equally delicious as well.


Finally, you get to choose your dessert from Baklava, Gullac, Revani. We had Baklavas as the other two weren't available that day.


Great value for money, food is delicious, ambiance is great as well. One of my favorite Turkish Eatery.

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