Emerging Designer | Victoria Khoss


Looking for an exceptional clutch? Let me share with you my latest crush and internet find of a beautiful and minimalistic style designer of clutches, pouches, and wristlets - Victoria Khoss. The best thing about her designs are its wearable everywhere, and stands out. There's more to how this designer sets her brand designs and productions different from normal. They don’t like long stocking periods or excessive handling, and therefore their purses arrive in your hands soon after they leave the boutique. Isn't that just great ?

Victoria Khoss is the founder and chief designer with a strong sense and passion for beautiful things that require skill, time and fine attention to detail.  Victoria is refocusing the fashion industry on the art, beauty and value of craftsmanship – a way of production that has become a mere marketing tool for many luxury brands.

This is the Motto Victoria Khoss works on - “Where others focus on cutting costs, we focus on finding the highest quality materials, where others fine-tune their mass-production process, we focus on finding the best artisans, and where others cut the time it takes to produce a product, we do everything we can to protect the integrity of our manufacturing process. This is a promise we make to our customers.”