DIY Bath Fizzies | Guest Post by ShraykumKuw

By Kay August 30, 2014 No Comments

Bath Fizzies (Aka Bath Bombs) Bath bombs are basically powdered soap that you add into a tub to make it smell amazing and to make the experience of showering more entertaining.

I have tried this recipe twice and they work perfectly as bath bombs!

Mix together the dry ingredients and keep the wet ingredients in a spray bottle. 

Dry ingredients: Salt (4 tbsp), Baking soda (1 cup), Cornstarch (3/4 cup) and Sugar (1/4 cup). The amount of each ingredient depends on how many bath bombs you\’re interested in making, this recipe makes about 4-5 bath bombs the size of your palm. 

Wet ingredients: Food coloring (I mix in about 3 drops of blue and red to make purple) and essential oils of your choice, lavender ofcourse is my favorite because of its soothing and relaxing smell.

Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl and slowly spray in the mixture until you get to a consistency where you\’re able to shape the soaps!

This is a messy and creative activity you can do with your friends and then enjoy later (preferably on your own) once you take a bath. The bath bombs can last up to two weeks if you keep them in the fridge, leaving them in room temperature would crack them into a powdery form again (unless your room is as freezing cold as Alaska like mine is). Enjoy bathing in these deliciously smelling bath bombs and tell me what you think beauts.