Maldives | A Family Destination

If there's a place that can make you think of Maldives as a family destination - it is Dhigali.

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If you have had a chance to read my previous blog post on the Maldives, then you know what the weather was like when we were in the Maldives.

The journey to this resort was also perhaps one of the scariest I have had in my life. It might come second to when an aircraft I was on dipped an almost 90 degrees angle, and what turned out to be a 3 hour flight eventually ended up being a 12 hour one.

The night before our departure from Kandolhu, the thunderstorm was merciless! We thought our departure from Kandolhu was a dangerous one. The speed boat bounced up and down like I couldn't even describe. However, this was only the start of one of the scary journey that it was going to turn into. The speed boat stopped at a point from where we took a sea plane. We flew to Male' and then took a domestic flight towards Dharavandoo Airport. We were informed that by speed boat it would take around 40 minutes to reach the island of Dhigali

The speed boat wasn't sent to pick us. A much bigger yacht was, and it was completely closed over the top.

Read the next 2 lines only if you have the courage.

With every big wave that hit us, the water that hit us went straight up and above the boat. Every step we moved forward, it was like the sea was fighting against us, and kept pushing us back. It was scary. I sat stuck to my seat saying all the possible prayers. My safety was in the hands of God alone. Every one of us sat scared - too scared to breathe. The journey wasn't 40 minutes. It lasted 2 hours - dreadfully long, and very tiring it was.

That journey was so tiring that as soon as I arrived, all I wanted to was get some rest and food. Being in a situation like that, sitting through a journey like that - It was a reminder to appreciate the little things that we take for granted - safety, smooth journeys, good food, and just being healthy. Undertaking a journey is always challenging. Nature isn't in your hands. You can have everything in the world yet you can't take control of nature. You cannot change the direction the wind blows, the sun rises, or the sun sets. It is always going to be that way no matter who you are.

I love travelling. Not because it is full of new things, and beautiful sceneries. It holds more. It teaches me gratitude everytime. It reminds me I am human everytime. It is easy to forget.

Dhigali is a resort that is great for family with kids. They have lot of activities going on. As soon as we arrived, we were taken into a waiting lounge. This lounge was so serene, and the furnitures were in the most vibrant colors. We were served with welcome drinks. There were board games which we could play while we waited. Several of them. We were so tempted to play but too tired to move or set it up. Soon after we had our drinks, we were taken to our room.

We were staying in a beach villa with pool. It surprises me everytime how the interiors are in different parts of the world. The essentials are almost always the same. The layout, the colors, the ideas - always different.

There was a little bit of a mishap in placing our bags. So, there was a slight delay in us getting freshened up. We were also too hungry by the time our bags came. We decided we would get a bite of something. We went to one of the restaurants - Jade. This was my favorite restaurant since my first meal there. Everything on the menu was mix and match. You could make your own pasta, your own salad, your own sandwich. So, food would exactly taste the way you want it.

I settled for a pasta - very delicious, and more so, one of the best meals. I remember the moment after I ate. I was just so thankful for everything. I still am.

After this we tried to get some rest, but we were also told that the sunset was a sight to behold. We headed to Haali which was on the opposite end from where we had our lunch. We did not get the best of sunsets because of the dark clouds and thundrstorm weather. It was still a sight to behold.

Throughout our stay, our return was a concern. The weather really kept us on our toes. It wasn't only about the beauty of Maldives that we learnt during this journey. It was more so about the preciousness of our lives, our family, and everything we took for granted.

We came back to our room to see some homemade chocolate, and a fruit basket waiting for us. Oh, the joy of seeing all of that with lots of mangosteen. I love mangosteen - one of my fave tropical fruits ever!

Dinner that night was at Battuta - A Traveller that inspires me so much.

Not only because he travelled, but, also because of how much knowledge he acquired during his extensive travels.

The menu at Battuta was inspired by the cuisines and the spices from the place he travelled to. Every dish served was nothing short of art!

We woke up early for prayer and stayed up hoping we would catch a beautiful sunrise. It was amazing. There wasn't anyone else around us at the beach.

It looked like it would rain but it didn't all the way till the sun came out.

The signs of rain faded away. We felt like it would be a sunny day.

After sunrise, we immediately moved to Capers for Breakfast. Capers is a very beautiful restaurant , part of it overlooks the beach.

H O P EπŸ’— Need no reason to keep hoping. No matter how bad or good a day was, there's no harm in hoping that tomorrow will be a better day. The next hour will be a better hour. The next month will be a better month. No matter how dark where you are, hope makes everything brighter around you. May you wake up to hope today and everyday πŸ’™πŸ’™ #QatarBloggers #dohabloggers #sunnysideoflife #Maldives #DhigaliMaldives

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The island of Dhigali has so much of plants surrounding it. I was informed that only 30% of the vegetation was removed to fit in all of the villas, and all other amenities the resorts boasts about.

Of course, being in a resort means that a session at the spa is a must. The surroundings of the spa were so peaceful, and colorful. So close to nature, and every little corner was so pretty that you could spend away time standing in little corners.

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We went back to Jade once more to have a meal - our lunch. We had enjoyed our experience there that much, and I really wanted to have one more meal atleast before we left the resort.

We rested for a bit, and then went to have a tour of the resort. We were scheduled to visit the neighbouring island for a cultural experience in the noon. The rains came in time for that, and the seas turned wild. So, we spent the rest of our time exploring every little corner of the island.

We stopped by the Deli for some snacks a little after sunset. Spicy and delicious at the same time - we indulged in some Maldivian delicacies, and spent some time enjoying in the outdoors with hot coffee on the side. This is definitely a must-try if you happen to stay at Dhigali.

The last day of our stay we had dinner at Faru. It rained so hard that night. But, the food was great. All I can recall from that night was how cold it was, and how heavily it kept raining.

Our time at Dhigali was almost coming to an end. We left the island early next morning on a speed boat this time. It took us a little more than 45 minutes to reach for our domestic flight to Male. We were really relieved once we made it off to catch the flight.

Our memory at the Maldives was very special to us. It was different from what we had heard. Regardless, Maldives is just beautiful, and an experience we think you should add to your memories as well.

One thing to take note if you are travelling to the Maldives is that generally there are no grocery stores on resort islands. For any necessities, you have to prepare yourself before you move into the island. Some of the resorts are located far away from populated islands. So, it is ideal that you carry your essentials with you.

Dealings in resort islands are almost always in Dollars.

Disclaimer: This post was done as part of my collaboration with Dhigali. However, all pictures, and opinions are my own.