Darz Design New Showroom Opening at Duhail

An invitation to Darz Design events is always one of excitement and anticipation. Every event is organized with attention to the smallest detail and this was no exception. Away from all the hustle and bustle of the Doha Traffic, the new Darz store does not fall on the main road. However, it can be spotted from one and getting there is so easy.

Enter the doors of the new boutique, and it was everything I expected and more - bouquets, lights, the classy and elegant Darz patterns were embed bringing together a great setting.

Served with traditional food in tune with the upcoming National Day, they were more than just delicious food - artsy creations made with a lot of love and attention.

By the time, the guests were seated, the new collection was showcased by models walking around the boutique. The models were also accessorized in Annada Scarves and Nouf Jewellery.

It was truly a memorable night and before I write away more than needed, I am going to stop my ramblings and let you have a glimpse of the moments I could capture for you.

Until next time,