A Collaboration with Collezione

Being a veiled blogger, and by veil, I don't just mean a hijab on my head alone. I cover my face, and also wear what we call the Abaya. I have been blogging for a while now, and I have been invited to a lot of fashion events, and projects. However,  to work with fashion brand has been something I wanted to do for the longest time. Especially, because I live in a country where wearing the veil is normal. It is not unseen, unheard or anything strange. However, the respect that it deserves to get is severely lacking in a country where the veil is a part of culture. I haven't been wearing the veil because of the culture. It's more to do with the my beliefs, and understanding of my religion.

However, that doesn't mean we aren't smart, fashionable, or anything that the media mostly tends to portray. Every woman who veils has aspirations, and dreams. The  veil doesn't reflect incapability. It reflects strength.

It has taken me so much longer than a lot of other bloggers in the country to work with a fashion brand being in a veil. It has taken me twice or even so much more effort to get my blog to where it is today. And every situation, I have always come through it and decided to not give up inspite of all the dismissals, and rejections because I wanted to prove that being in a veil doesn't hinder my growth. Also, that fact that I get to work on this project only meant one thing that you didn't need to show your skin or face to the world to write an opinion on fashion. An opinion on fashion can come from anyone who has a passion towards it.

And, as such I was extremely delightful when I got to work with Collezione -  A Turkish based Fashion Brand. A brand that is affordable, and accessible to many of you. As, to me it made sense to work with a brand that is in reach to the many of you reading it today.

Have you shopped at Collezione before? If not, let me tell you that they have stores in Doha in City Centre, Ezdan Mall, Doha Festival City in Qatar. You can also find the stores in Oman, Bahrain, and UAE.

So, what would my post with a fashion brand look like? Not how to style them, not me in them, but, a couple of my favorite pieces that I picked from the store on a budget.

There was also a giveaway I did with the brand on my Instagram, and Facebook pages, so if you arent still following me on social media, make sure you go ahead and do so.


Aren't these embroidery details on these sneakers the prettiest?


My last trip to India where I had to walk, and walk miles in a shoes - I did so in these pretty ones!

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My backpack which got a lot of curious questions as to where it was from - simple, and stylish.


A little bit of fun - much smaller than the previous one in size.


And lastly but not the least, Thank you to Collezione for believing in me, and my blog.

A big shout out to my audience who have been supporting me through out my journey.

Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with Collezione. All pictures, and opinions are my own!