Club Rotana Lounge | A Getaway in a Getaway

For those of you who follow me on my instagram , I am sure you already knew this was coming. For those who don't, what are you waiting for? Make sure to go follow me there. My instagram aside, what I am sharing with you here today is the concept of Club Rotana. I was recently invited by Oryx Rotana to have a trial experience of what is the Club Rotana. If you haven't been to Rotana before, and want to know what checking in regularly looks like, have a look at my experience here.

The experience starts very differently if you are checking into a Club Rotana Room. As soon as you are in through the security check, all you have to do is mention that you are checking into a Club Rotana Room, and they will guide you to the Executive Floor for Check in.

The check-in process in our case was so quick as they were already expecting us. Our room was ready in no more than few minutes. Quick Check-in is normally the case because there is no queue here. Before we left to the room, we were briefed on the amenities in the room as well as the Club Rotana Lounge.

We checked into our room, and before we settled in, it was almost time to try out the Afternoon Teas.


The amenities of the Club Room are quite similar to the normal rooms except for the toiletries. The toiletries are Rotana branded in the regular rooms. However, in Suites, and Club Rotana Rooms - they are from Loccitane. The added advantage of being checked into the Club Rotana rooms is of course the access to the Club rotana Lounge. In addition to that, you could get also access to a meeting room for 1 hour. The Hotel would be more than happy to arrange one for you during your stay. We didn't have any kind of meeting there, so I cannot comment on how good an experience that is.


What I did experience thoroughly was the Club Rotana Lounge - A getaway in a getaway like I love to call it. There are plenty of seats to choose from - armchairs, sofas, regular chairs. If you love reading, there's also magazines, newspapers, and a lot of books for you to choose from. You get complimentary  breakfast, high tea, and evening cocktails and canapes. All of this is served in the form of buffet. And, not that overflowing I don't-know-what-to-choose kind of buffet, but limited amount of food varieties to choose from, and all fresh and delicious.

I especially loved the selection of fruits they had on at all times.


I have put together a short tour of the Club Rotana Lounge, and the High Tea, Canapes, and Breakfast Experience. I am not the best videographer out there, but here's a glimpse of my attempt to make one for you guys. For more details, on the timing of the complimentary culinary and beverage selection have a look at the video below.

The part about paying extra for your Club Room is that you don't necessarily have to spend extra on your meal unless you really want to. All the food that was served here was more than enough for us during our entire day that we spent there.

You can also bring along a guest to the Lounge during your stay. They can join you for breakfast at a charge of QAR 100, and the evening canapes at QAR 75.

The Club Rotana Lounge is a non-smoking lounge.

Here are more details that I captured during my stay at Oryx Rotana.


Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with Oryx Rotana. However, all pictures, and opinions posted here are solely my own.