Travelling for Business to Dubai?

If you haven't heard of Centro Hotels, here's what it is in a gist. Centro Hotels are a part of the Rotana groups of hotels which are more budget friendly. I am always looking to collect different kind of experiences. I do enjoy the finer things in life once in a while, but, I am always looking to venture out of the box. I tend to choose new things just because I feel I can always learn a lesson or two, and see things from a better perspective when I move out of my comfort zone. I travel not just to relax, I travel to learn! That being said last month while I was in Dubai, I ventured out of the luxury hotel zone into the more budget friendly, and business savvy zone, and chose to stay at Centro Barsha!


Location of the Hotel

That being said we chose Centro Barsha to stay for 2 nights while in Dubai. The property is centrally located with easy access to the metro which takes you less than 5 minutes to get there making it easy to get to any place connected by the metro system. The Mall of Emirates is also just a walk away but personally, I wouldn't try that walk. The car is a better option definitely. There is a mosque at walking distance from the hotel which was quite a plus for us too.


Checking - In

When we walked in, there was quite a crowd checking in to the Hotel. The staff at the reception were quite friendly, and attended to the guests quite fast. The concierge service is limited to helping you get your luggage out of the car. The rest is self-serve. Since, we had a car with us, we chose to park in the basement and then get our bags up just because, it was easier that way.


Our Room at Centro Barsha

We were given the keys to our room, and we went up by ourselves. We found our room pretty much quickly. Opened the door, and we walked in - and I wasn't prepared for the space. Getting to all the corners of the suite, I almost thought I have to stay here for a month. How come I am only here for 2 days? We were staying at the Centro Suite- it was quite spacious, and brightly lit.

I always love checking into Rotana Hotel rooms. They have such massive welcome fruit platters always!


There was a kitchenette, a living area, the bedroom,dressing area, and toilet with bath. It was like the ideal work studio for me, and I would easily recommend it to anyone else going on a business trip.


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It has everything you need with a dash of fun more like pun to it. The rooms are sound proof and you won't really hear anything happening outside. Being centrally located in Dubai, you know how much noise you could really hear especially of all that traffic around the area. However, here you wouldn't know!


Dining at Centro Barsha

We dined at C. Taste during our stay at Centro. C. Taste is the all day dining restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. During our stay, we only managed to be in the Hotel for breakfast and this is how it was: The breakfast ambience is really nice. The buffet isn't too extensive, and is a mostly a mix of continental and Arabic breakfast essentials.


I personally loved sitting right outside the restaurant with a view that brings in daylight. They are particularly useful for my food shots as well.

Look upwards, and you have a beautiful sight to enjoy from time to time. Make sure you don't have anything in your mouth while you do so for safety reasons.


Hospitality is key in the restaurant, and the waiters, and waitresses are constantly checking if everything is okay with the diners.

There is also a 24 hour deli takeaway, and you know you need that especially when you are working. You might be burning the midnight oil some days, and this is a must. Hunger pangs are specially strong when you know all the restaurants around are closed. So very convenient with C. Deli!

Amenities at Centro Barsha

For those who are keen on not missing out on their fitness routine, there is a gym. And, if you want to beat that heat and keep yourselves cool, you can also jump into the pool.



Here's what I have to say: For the price you pay, Centro Barsha is as great as it can be. Conveniently located, Great Services, Well Maintained Rooms, and Well Connected. Would I go again? Yes!

Disclaimer: Creativity with Kay was a guest of Centro Barsha during this time However, all photos and opinions are my own.