What to Try at Casper and Gambini's

I have no idea why I haven't been to this place until a friend of mine dragged me to the restaurant. She convinced me I had to dine there. The food was really good. And then, I went. So, if you are like me and haven't dined at Casper and Gambini's before, there's a huge restaurant at Mirqab Mall, and don't know what to order, I will make it easy for you (assuming you have taste buds like mine and Mr. M's)

A good bread basket to start off with is really promising right, now that is if you are a carbie barbie. ( I don't think I am one but Mr. M balances it up between us.


I mean it's summer most year. Fluid intake is essential. I tend to go for healthy drinks or fresh juices these days. I think I am way past the crazy milkshakes, and sugar syrup loaded drinks. Mr. M always likes a good mojito. He went for a cherry pomegranate mojito which looked quite lovely. I don't remember what his thoughts were exactly but, I do know he finished it to the last sip even before we were halfway through the meal.

Happiness is sourness and healthy in a glass. Zesty Greens - That's what I went for. All levels of sour and healthy with green apple, cucumber, celery, and lemon juice.


I have always had a weakness for Burrata so when I saw they had one on the menu. I went for it! After having thoroughly enjoyed it with its perfect palette balancing flavors. The Palermo Burrata is an absolute must try from this place.


Not someone who would normally go experimenting with flavors that am not familiar with, but when the waiter recommend to try the fresh salmon black inked pasta, I reluctantly went for it. That reluctance soon turned into reluctance to not share it with Mr. M. I devoured the whole plate by myself. It was absolutely all kinds of brilliant.


Just as I had bonded with the pasta, Mr. M had bonded with the burger he chose - The chicken mozzarella burger. According to him, the burger were all sorts of goodness and so I think it is a must-try as well because between the both of us, he is more the burger person.

The service is excellent. The food delicious. What more is needed at a restaurant anyways!

Have you been here? IF so, what are your favorite dishes here? Do you have any go-to ones? Share with me in comments.

P.S: They also have another branch at Landmark Mall as well.