Carluccio's New Menu Launch

Carluccio’s – the acclaimed Italian casual dining restaurant and food shop, renowned for bringing authentic and traditional Italian cooking and ingredients to families, recently introduced its new menu. The restaurant is now tempting food lovers with an exciting new menu featuring a range of traditional Italian specialties and signature dishes all made in-house from the freshest of local ingredients combined with products imported directly from Italy.  

Carluccio’s refreshes its menu each season offering a wider variety of new dishes to customers. Some specialties to watch out for include ‘Pumpkin Tortelli’ (handmade pumpkin-filled pasta parcels with Parmesan in a sage, chilli and butter sauce), ‘Veal Ossobuco’ (braised shin of veal in rich tomato sauce) and ‘Sausage and Saffron Risotto’ (a creamy saffron risotto with veal sausage and parmesan shavings).



Diners will enjoy Carluccio's true taste of Italy which brings authentic 'old country' flavors out in an array of traditional pastas, seasonal salads, hand-made ravioli, and Napoli-style pizzas, as well as grilled steaks and seafood. The mouthwatering pizza menu includes traditional Italian classics such as the Bufalina (creamy Buffalo mozzarella with fresh chopped tomato and basil) the Parmigiana (white pizza of thyme roasted aubergine, mozzarella, fresh basil and Parmesan cheese) and of course, the Misto Carni with a combination of beef meatballs, veal sausage, spicy beef salami, mushrooms and basil.


Rounding off the scrumptious feast is a fine selection of desserts, which includes the classic Tiramisu, Panna Cotta, Chocolate Fondente, Passion Fruit Meringue, Chocolate-Cantucci Mousse, fresh fruit salad and a selection of cakes.


There is also a separate breakfast menu which includes a choice of crepes, egg selections, croissants, cooked breakfasts, muesli with yoghurt, and fresh fruit salad - all freshly made and full of taste.


With an ensemble of seasoned chefs, Carluccio’s introduces a wide selection of Italian dishes depicting various characteristics. Whether for vegetarians or meat lovers, there’s a delectable Italian taste awaiting you.