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As a bookworm I’m always on the hunt for books from different genres. However, living in a small country with limited access to books makes it hard for me to find all the titles I’m dying to read! So, normally I buy my books online, from Amazon or the Book Depository, but being so far away and needing to use post forwarding companies like Aramex and DHL add to the cost of shipping. That’s why I thought why not try and get updated on the bookstores situation in Doha, I went on a tour to WHSmith in Ezdan Mall and the Virgin Megastore in Landmark. I remember how everyone were super excited when they found out that the huge book store in Dubai WHSmith will be opened in Doha, but then all I heard after it opened was disappointment. I thought it couldn’t be that bad! But sadly it was.

First the bookstore was located right next to the kids’ playground and the noise was unbearable. I tried my best to focus and read the titles, but it was just too distracting. The bookstore had a big section of books with all the classical titles and some of the big bestsellers. However it felt too basic to me, like it only had the normal titles we can find everywhere. It was very sad for a book fan like me. There wasn’t a lot of variety and truly boring. Two third of the store was also dedicated to stationary which Doha is full of already. Nothing new in that. I asked how long it would take if I ordered a book from their store. It takes 3 months if it was an international book! I mean can’t they be linked with the store in Dubai and make the process shorter?


In Virgin Megastore the case was the same, although the vibe in the store was more upbeat and fun. It would take them a month to order you a book, but in today’s speeding world, it’s still way too long. They’re missing a lot of titles and some trilogies are missing book one or book two.

Even though Doha is a small city and the population is a bit small, the reading culture is starting to really boom and I think there’s business opportunity there.

The current situation is still a disappointment! So, my only option is still ordering books from online websites. How thankful I am that I at least have that!! However, I’m super excited though for Qatar National Library to be open. I hope from what I saw on their website, it will be a great place to fill the book gape in Doha!

If you have any tips on finding books in Doha or good online sites, feel free to comment below![/vc_column_text]

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