Brighten Dull skin | Advice from Bello Moi

Our bodies are always in the process of renewing and regenerating. The same goes with your skin. As we age, the rate of skin-cell turnover starts to slow down causing a build up of dead skin. That sounds gross! However, the pace at which these cells are shed is not the same all over your face. Cells in the T- zone - think about drawing a T on your face starting at the forehead and traveling down the nose to the chin - where there are more oil glands, tend to be replaced faster than the skin on the sides of your face. This results in a patchy effect. This in turn interrupts light reflection. Thus, no glowing skin......dull skin. There is an easy way to get the skin glowing again. Products with hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid and alpha lipoic acid help break apart the glue-like substances holding dead skin cells together, causing exfoliation and an increase in collagen production. The result is an even more glowing skin surface.

Skin brightening products from Bello Moi are a wonderful solution to prevent or reverse dull and uneven skin tone. Ultra Rich Hydrating Creme contains the hyaluronic acid and lipoic acid to gently exfoliate and boost the skin's natural moisturizing factors evening out dull skin. The Lightening Rejuvenating Creme also contains glycolic acid, helping to reduce pigmentary problems and brighten dull skin. Another solution to combating dull skin is the Recovery Antioxidant Masque. It increases the circulation and energy to the skin, healing dryness and premature aging. Don't let the turnover of skin cells slow down. Use the products in increase the cell production and nourish the body from the inside to help the outside too.