Blissful day at Bliss Spa | W Doha

Nobody can forget a good spa day now, can they? I had the most blissful day at Bliss spa of W Doha. I was scheduled to do some work out, followed by a facial, and body massage. Now that was going to be one long day at the spa. I arrived early morning at around 8:25 as I was scheduled to start my workout session at 8:30am. I was told that I would be given a demo of what is called MIHA ems technology. I had heard of it since sometime, and was really curious to see what it was all about. I got changed into the special outfit that you wear when you use the MIHA machines as it is based on electrical stimulations, and so has to be something which will allow electricity to pass through. I got changed and Tamara who was my coach for the day guided me through the whole process. I cannot vouch for how effective this is because I only had a trial round, and so am not sure if it works. From what I have heard so far, they say if you do 5 sessions of it, you will drop a dress size. You will need to try it to see if it works. The feeling of having the electricity pass through is kind of weird. It is not painful at all. It is just a funny feeling. Chances are you might have muscle pain after your first session if you arent used to working out.


After this session, I had few minutes to freshen up and relax before I headed for my facial session with Khadija. Now, I was scheduled to do the very famous Hollywood facial. However, after having agood look at what my skin wanted, Khadija suggested that I do something else. I went for it, and after the facial, my face was definitely glowing.


The highlight of the day was however the Lava Shell Massage. Now if you are wondering what excatly is it all about, here it is:  This massage is done using Tiger-striped clam shells, and is a type of heat treatment. The shells used to be thrown away, but are now being recycled and used for Lava Shell massage. Palm-sized, they come from villages in the Philippines where the tiger clam is part of the daily diet. A teabag-like sachet is placed inside each shell. This is the “LavaGel” (a mix including algae and sea kelp) which, when combined with salt water, generates enough heat for an hour-long massage. With so many products that are far removed from nature, Lava Shells allow you the opportunity to interact with something that is raw, individual, and natural.

I really cannot recommend it enough. Sonia was my therapist for the massage, and believe me, I really didn't want her to stop. Now, here's the thing about this massage. If you are sensitive to heat, then I would rather not recommend it because the shells used can be a bit hot. If the heat is okay with you, then this is definitely a treat you would have to gift yourself or anyone you love.

The combination of heat and gentle massage paired with the smell of oils drifted me off to an island far away. When the hour was up I had to be woken from a light slumber. My skin felt soft and I had a warm glow for the rest of the evening.Where I had experienced knots and tightness - I felt relaxed muscles, and knots untied by the time we were done. This really is the ultimate calming massage.


The spa at W isn't a very huge space. However, for what space they have, it's got everything you need in there. The gym which is called FIT at the W Doha is mixed. However, the room where you get to have your MIHA sessions is a standalone room, and can be completely closed for you. That's what I chose to do. Also, if you are looking at a quite time to get your treatments done, I'd suggest going there in the mornings.

Disclaimer: I was a guest at the Bliss Spa. However, all opinions and pictures shared are my own