Camaya Bali | An Exotic AirBnB Experience

Instagram has now somehow become our go-to place to look for places to stay - from luxurious resorts, to authentic homes, street food, and local markets - atleast for me I do a run down of the city that am travelling to on Instagram before making our final plans and itineraries for travel. And, I stumbled across Camaya Bali’s Bamboo House. But, turns out that the place was booked until May 2019. Oh what luck!

So, I write to them to see if there is anyway I can experience it, and I get to know about these Balinese Villa by the same owners which was recently renovated and right by the bamboo house. After having seen it, I was sure anything they recommend will be a gem of a place worth experiencing.

From the airport, we drove to Selat. It was quite a tiring drive as it took us quite sometime to get there. Roads in Bali are not as wide as in Malaysia where we had flown in from. That added to our tiredness too.

But, all was forgotten as soon as we saw the name Villa Nirvana. It is a hidden place - a little further away from the city. We got in and was welcomed in a small area which looked like it was set to be a dining area - A glass of fresh papaya juice and breathtaking greens.


We then headed to our villa. A place of calm, beauty, tranquility, and simplicity. Surrounded by a lush green garden, this locally designed Bali Home features a private outdoor bathtub overlooking the rice terraces.

Every little detail has been so well taken care of. From the gate outside to the welcome reception, the walkway, the entrance to the villa, and the villa itself.

Trying to write on the space into words is not an easy task at all. I hope the pictures that I share here do justice to the experience and the beautiful villa.

Our Itinerary at the Villa

We watched the sun go down with a beautiful display of colors. We opted to have dinner at the AirBnB itself as we were too exhausted to venture out. We had a very simple vegetarian meal prepared by the host. We had dinner at the same place we were welcomed at. Since, it was night time there wasn’t much to see. We then got a good rest. We walk up next morning to pray Fajr and watch the sunrise. After which we took a nap, and then headed for breakfast. We then ventured out to explore the city. We came back a little before sunset to our villa. The dinner that night, and breakfast next morning was similar to the previous day.

Every morning you get a breakfast of delicious fresh fruit grown on the property, coffee/tea, and fantastic banana pancakes. They also have scooters available for rent if you want to explore the area, which is close to the mountains and Ubud which both were awesome to explore. Whether you want peace and isolation, local insight, or just sheer beauty and kindness, this is definitely the place to stay.

Before we left, we had to check out the magical bamboo villa that got us here to this place. I will be sharing the pictures of the bamboo house very soon.

Some things to know

  • Obviously when you are surrounded by nature, you do have the nature creatures as well to accompany you.

  • The AirBnb hosts can arrange transport and food for you if you request it. Breakfast comes complimentary along with your stay.

  • (Bali is a Hindu island, and hence finding Halal food isn’t easy. So, we opted to go with vegetarian/ seafood for most of our time in Bali)

Want to stay here? You can book your stay via Airbnb here.

Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with Camaya Bali. However, all pictures and opinions are my own.