The First Curio Property in The Middle East | Al Rayyan Hotel

You know how being the first or the tallest or the biggest is normally a trend in the Middle East? Well, here's another of firsts that am sharing about. It is not about being the first guest of a hotel unlike The Shola Crown. IT is still a first nevertheless - Al Rayyan Hotel is the first of the Curio properties to open up in the Middle East.


If you haven't heard of Curio, here's what it is in a gist: Curio is a venture by Hilton where they manage boutique hotel properties pertaining to the culture, and influence of the city it is set in, yet maintaining the standards of a Hilton property inclusive of the Hilton Honors Program.


Al Rayyan Hotel has truly got a character of its own - from the moment you spot it outside, to the very quaint yet grand entrance, a gleaming lobby with gold details, sparkly displays of bags, and sandals from top shop in glass cases, high ceilings, the aroma of Arabic coffee, striking art pieces inspired by Arabian Heritage, elegant and classy furnishings, the Hotel is nothing like another property in Doha that I have been before to. Located right next to one of the biggest destinations to open in Qatar, the Mall of Qatar, the only thing in the vicinity of the hotel is the mall, and vast expanse of deserts as views.


Our Room

For someone who grew up seeing Qatar undergo various stages of its development, this property is something that I connected with on a personal level.


For from my room I could see the empty desert lands that Qatar was years ago, Far away I could see the high-rise buildings of West Bay which defined the direction of the country in the present, and the standards were so high in anticipation of setting examples for the future - A dream and vision that I have on a comparatively smaller scale with my blog.


Our room was a premium King room on the 4th floor. It was beautifully furnished, and the colors used in different details of the room was something that I really loved. The lights were such a highlight of the room. They were a noticeable feature of the room. The amount of seating area, and resting area were plenty for two in the room.


OF course this bed needs no words. It was as comfortable as it looked, and even more.


The bathroom was spacious, and came with a bath tub, standalone toilets, and rain shower. A bath tub is always an exciting thing especially if it's stand alone. Little things that can get a girl's heart jumping excitedly! The toiletries in the room was from Rituals, and it had a very nice scent to it.

And yes, bath salts with bath tubs - such attention to detail. If you have a bath tub you definitely need bath salts. I don't get those hotels who have bath tubs but never place bath salts. Is it because they expect the customers to carry their own bath salts wherever they go?Not possible right? I remember my staycation at Intercontinental Doha The City - the view from the bath tub was amazing. But, then again what's a bath tub without bath salts or bath bubbles ?  


Our room also had the added benefit of getting two pieces of laundry done complimentary which I wasn't aware of until I researched more about the room to write this post. However, it didn't bring down my stay in any way. It's just something I missed out on. So, I thought maybe you should know about it if you end up with any room that is premium king and upwards.

Dining Options

Mezzo Italian Restaurant

Having breakfasts at Mezzo was the favorite part of my stay at the Hotel. Why you ask? Because every person who saw you greeted you with a smile, and was always on the lookout for if you needed help with anything. The buffet had something for everyone. It wasn't overwhelming, the choices were really nice. There were live stations for Eggs as well as crepes, and pancakes. Mezzo is located on the left side of the entrance, and is also from where you can get access to Mall of Qatar directly. This is the all day dining restaurant of the Hotel. It also functions as a stand-alone restaurant for visitors to the Mall as it has seats both inside the Mall as well as the Hotel.


Mezzo offers a blend of Italian, Arabic and international dishes prepared from its lively open kitchen on an alacarte basis for lunch, and dinner, and as buffets for breakfast. They also prepare a small play area for the kids always highlighting the fact that kids are quite welcome here, and this is meant to be that perfect family getaway you can think of for the weekend.

The fact that all the cut fruits were refrigerated, and covered was such an added plus to the buffet here. Their healthy section of the buffet was quite commendable/

Moda Lounge

This lounge is hidden away onto the right side of the entrance. With a wall full of pictures that present the past and present of Doha, for someone like me it was quite nostalgic to see them while I enjoyed my coffee and afternoon tea there. With ample sunlight coming in, I wouldn't mind making it my office place for days together.

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Muy Vivo

This Latin American restaurant was privately booked for an event whilst we were there. So, we really didn't have the chance to check out the restaurant. Next time, when I am there, I will definitely share more of it with you all!


The pool area of the hotel is located on the 6th floor.  The time I was at the pool it was really hot. Though mid-March even though summer hasn't officially started it somehow was really hot. I got this really nice and cool watermelon juice to chill with, and it was just what I needed to cool my insides while I shot the pictures. Blogging sometimes isn't all about nice pictures you know! There's always so much that happens behind the scene like unfriendly weather, and people walking across, and hours to get that perfect shot!


Wellness Centre

The Hotel boasts off a pretty impressive wellness centre with sauna, jacuzzi, steam room, and a relaxation area. They have separate ones for both males, and females.


Spa and Beauty Salon

I even got a private tour of the spa which is yet to open, and it looked really amazing. I mean you guys should definitely go check it out once it's open. It has an "elegant princess vibe" to it. :')

I mean why wouldn't you want to feel like one? I can't share any pictures yet. All I can say is that it's a treat to the eyes

What's Nearby?

Of course if you are a shopaholic, there's the Mall of Qatar quite nearby. IT is literally connected to the Hotel, so you can just walk through.


There's also the Zekreet Beach which is around 40 minutes drive from the hotel. The sun sets there, so if you get there in time, you will be able to get a marvellous treat of a view.

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During the second day of our stay as well, we opted in for the breakfast buffet. Because, we really loved the vibe of the place, and the friendly staff. It's always a really pleasant experience when you see happy people around you, isn't it?

The Kids Area

I went on a tour of the Hotel, and found things I missed out on like the Kids Area. I didn't even realize they had one. But, they do, and that's great for families with kids. If the kids are bored, you can bring them here. There's a lot of activities they can spend their time on. Especially, if you don't want to take them with you while you are shopping, then you can leave your kids there, and a hotel attendant will be there to monitor and take care of them.



There were some small issues that we had in our room during our stay. The way the hotel took the feedback, and made sure everything was okay, and in order before we checked out was a great sign of hospitality. The hotel staff were always ready to help.

We had an absolutely wonderful time at the Hotel. We would definitely want to return, and see what the view is like once the desert views turn into a complete city view.

Would I go back? Of course! It is definitely a great place to get away from the noise of the city, and the regular building views. Atleast, for now it is!

Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with Al Rayyan Hotel - Curio by Hilton. However, all pictures used, and opinions are my own.