No More Afternoon Tea I Guess | Sarab Lounge, St. Regis Doha

The Afternoon Tea saga on my blog continues. If you haven't been keeping track, here's the previous experience I had of an afternoon tea. This time it was at St. Regis's Sarab Lounge, and yes as much as the title is misleading, the experience is a must-have. The afternoon tea at the St. Regis Doha is an experience like none other in Doha. As soon as we were seated,we were greeted, and handed over the menu. As we went over the menu an overly delicious welcome drink was placed before us.

The lady who was serving our tea was a very shy and humble young lady Tumar. A sip of the welcome drink, and they were so refreshing, and delicious. It was said to be a mix of cherries, and ginger ale - tasted really refreshing and  was quite therapeutic on the eyes in terms of presentation.


We opted for the St. Regis Doha Afternoon Tea off the menu. Just to mention, there are three different kinds of Afternoon Tea - The Lady Caroline Astin Afternoon Tea, The Arabian Heritage Afternoon Tea, and The St. Regis Doha Afternoon Tea.

Then, came the highlight of the Afternoon tea- picking the tea to go along with our canapes. Did I mention that there were a 100 different teas to choose from on the menu?

Tumar showed to us different kind of teas from around the world. She would open each jar, feel the fragrance of the tea, and then explained where the mix was from, and in turn passed it onto us. Before, we knew we were in a dreamy land full of fragrances of wild flowers, berries, teas from Africa to China, and more. After what was a long time, Mr. M settled for his tea. He went for the Jade of Africa - red tea enhanced with the subtle fragrance of red berries and a sprinkling of sunflower petals. A light and fruity tea for any time of the day!



As for me, I opted for Alexandria tea - A dreamy reminder of Arabian nights, this green tea is subtly scented with rare mint and Mediterranean corn flowers.

The tea was served in the most gorgeous Narumi Tea set.


The St. Regis Doha is a mix of the Arabian Heritage Afternoon Tea, and the Caroline Aster Afternoon Tea.

The Caroline Aster set came with a lot of very carefully put-together delicious desserts, that were more like things that came off your fashion wardrobe. There was also a black swan that came off a lake from faraway. It also came with some really huge and juicy strawberries, and cream dip.


The Arabian Heritage Afternoon Tea was more laid-back in terms of presentation. And, as you all know, I fall hard for Arabic food, that was the case this time as well. They had an amazing shawarma, and that was all I needed! Not really!


The food was great, the presentation was awesome. What I like about Afternoon Teas are that they generally tend to be very light hearted experiences with ample amount of serving which is not too heavy on the stomach either. And, in the weather here, it is a great gathering option!

In terms of canapes, I preferred the ones on the Arabian Heritage Afternoon Tea set, and desserts from Caroline Aster. Would that be offered as another set in the future? We will have to wait and see!

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That dear readers was my experience at St. Regis! I apologize for the misleading heading though! Made you want to open, and read it right? What I meant was it would be hard to find another afternoon tea like this! Here's more pictures from the amazing experience I had.






Here is a humble attempt of a video I made of my experience. Hope you enjoy it! If you liked it, let me know in comments, and I will make more of them

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Disclaimer: I was invited as a guest to review the Afternoon Tea at Sarab Lounge. However, all opinions, and pictures are my own.