Afternoon Tea Gathering with Sara Buhindi

One of the few places in Qatar where you can find true love: Love for food, fashion, and hospitality - The Tea Garden at The Torch Doha was where I happened to be last Wednesday Afternoon. The Afternoon Tea was just perfectly organized. The event was scheduled to happen from 5 pm-7 pm and the best part was, it started on time - a rarity that happens at events in Doha. The Tea Gardens is located on the 21st floor and is oriental in its details and offers a perfect view.  The lighting of the place shifted  from bright sunny to sunset to night sky in the 2 hours the event was set to happen making the experience even more beautiful.

There was laughter, joy, and warmth as friends and family came to the event. There was enough time to socialise and get to know the guests- after which we had a short fashion show where we could see Sara Buhindi's abaya designs at a very close and personal level.

The evening ended with real delicious treats to the taste buds - both savory and sweet.

Here's more pictures from the event: